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2007 Portland Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 9, 2007

My only previous mention of this particular Call for Entries was buried in another item, but I’d like to issue this reminder that you still have a few weeks left to get your films in to the Portland Underground Film Festival, which will run June 7-10, 2007.

The deadline for submissions is April 30, so if you haven’t sent in and want to, then you better get crackin’! Entry fee is just 9 bucks and you can go to the official site for the submission process.

PUFF will be held again at the classy Clinton Street Theater in Portland. Theater owner and programmer Seth Sonstein was out and about over the weekend ripping into Dimension Films/The Weinstein Company for dicking the Clinton over with the horrific bomb Grindhouse (I haven’t seen it yet). The Clinton can be considered somewhat of a “grindhouse” itself as Seth regularly screens the crappy kinds of films Rodriguez and Tarantino are paying homage to. Yet after a year of begging to screen the film, Dimension played Grindhouse at the Regal Cinema multiplex where, given the film’s weak weekend box office tally, hardly anybody went to see it. This site has all the info.

Meanwhile, apparently not holding a grudge, Seth tells the Underground Film Journal that he’s seen Grindhouse and that it’s “The Shit!”

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