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2007 New York Underground Film Festival: Early Announcements

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 13, 2007

If memory serves me correctly, the New York Underground Film Festival doesn’t usually have their official schedule ready until pretty close to when the fest starts (March 28). But, a couple of happy filmmakers have already posted that they’ve been accepted. Not too many yet, but they are:

1) Blood of the Earthworm, dir. Brittany Gravely. An experimental collage of sci-fi, horror and educational film clips telling the story of a woman trapped in an industrial/corporate nightmare. (Found via this link.)

2) Each Time I Kill, dir. Doris Wishman. This will be a World Premiere of Doris’s final film. She passed away in 2002 at the age of 80. It’s about a female high school student who acquires one physical trait of every person she murders. I’m going to embed the funky trailer below. I have a mini-review of Wishman’s Satan Was a Lady at the top of this 2001 NYUFF report. John Waters was at the screening, which I surprisingly didn’t note that I saw him at the time.

3) Lunchfilm, dir. various. Film journalist Mike Plante will be screening various editions of his “Lunchfilm” series. These are short movies in which he pays for a filmmaker’s lunch and they make him a film in return. Mike doesn’t say which films he will be showing, but he’s commissioned movies from George Kuchar, Don Hertzfeldt, Calvin Lee Reeder, Martha Colburn and more. I hope Mike either eventually puts these up online or sells a DVD.

So, yeah, that’s it. If I find any more announcements (or if anyone wants to send me one), I’ll update and/or do more posts. Otherwise we all just have to wait a few more weeks before we know what’s playing. To hold you over, here’s the Each Time I Kill trailer as promised: