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2007 New Haven Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

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By all accounts (i.e. the press release sent to me), the 2007 New Haven Underground Film Festival, held on May 12th, was a raging success. Sounds like it was a great night of films that ended late into the wee hours of the next morning. Yet, first thing on Sunday the 13th — on Mother’s Day no less — there’s an exhuberant email from fest director Michael Mongillo in my inbox with the list of award winners. So, congrats to everyone, including the winners of “The Undies”:

Best Picture (feature): Wasted Orient
Best Picture (short): Dartsville
Best Director: Harry Kellerman for The Little Gorilla
Best Performance: Lamar Babi in Detroit Unleaded
The Precious: The Bad Guy for the line, “”Lucky for me, I hold a PHD in quantum physics…”
RFC (Really Fucking Cool) Award: Origins
RFC Award: We Like to Drink: We Like to Play Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll