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2007 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ May 3, 2007

Milwaukee Underground Film Festival poster featuring a drawing of a breakdancing boy against a brick wall

The Milwaukee Underground Film Festival is offering 3 nights of great short films this weekend, May 4-6. On the 4th and 5th, screenings will be held at the Walker’s Point Center for the Arts, while on the 6th, the fun moves to the Times Cinema.

As I always say, I just love short films and would thoroughly enjoy a shorts-only fest like this. It’s a massive lineup as you’ll see below. My only problem with doing this on the Underground Film Journal is that so many short film titles and filmmakers pass through these Official Lineup posts, it’s difficult to track what and who has played elsewhere, like I try to do with the features. Dunno, just felt the need to post that little regret there.

However, one bold program note I want to highlight is Sunday night’s 7 p.m. screening will include the most excellent Hombre Kabuki by Leo Age, which was nicely sent to me for review a few months ago. You can read my super-positive write up here. So, if you had to pick one night to go to MUFF, that would be it. Although, you should go every single night and support all the short filmmakers. They work hard to entertain you.

Finally, there was a nice write-up about the fest in the local paper, with quotes from festival director Ari Hamidi.

May 4
6 p.m.: “Pride”
518, dir. Koua Xiong
Barber Votress, dir. Katerina Vrbova
Pledge, dir. Ann Steuernagel
How Little We Know of Our Neighbors, dir. Rebecca Baron

8 p.m.: “Gluttony”
The Magician’s House, dir. Deborah Stratman (Read the Underground Film Journal movie review)
Photosynthesis, dir. Lisa Danker
The Passenger, dir. Kathryn Ramey
Swan’s Island, dir. Bill Brand and Kate Martin
Reading the Water, dir. Nicolas Vollmer
Aurora in the Sea, dir. Charlotte Taylor

May 5
6 p.m.: “Sloth”
Untitled, dir. Brent Coughenour
Muriel’s Song, dir. Grant Wiedenfeld
Muse of Cinema, dir. Kerry Laitala
Starlite, dir. Tate Bunker
Bliss, dir. Robert Todd
Invisible City, dir. Jack Cronin
Patience, dir. Mike Rollo

8 p.m.: “Anger”
Skate Song, dir. Mike Wilson
Always and Forever, dir. Jon Salimes
For a Blonde … For a Brunette … For Someone … For Her … For You, dir. Mike Olenick
The New Freedom Founders, dir. Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby
And We All Shine On, dir. Michael Robinson
The Other Side, dir. Bill Brownd

May 6
5 p.m.: “Greed”
Twilight, dir. Ben Hutchinson
Passing, dir. Vannessa Wood and Sarah Friedland
The General Returns From One Place to Another, dir. Michael Robinson
There, dir. Robert Todd
It Will Die Out in the Mind, dir. Deborah Stratman (Read the Underground Film Journal movie review)
Lollygagger, dir. Matt Meindl
K, dir. Scott Puccio
Base Plus Fog, dir. David Gatten
Lions and Tigers and Bears, dir. Rebecca Meyers
Travelogue #7, dir. Derek Taylor
The Expeditionists, dir. Sabine Gruffat
Usagi, dir. Asa Mori

7 p.m.: “Lust”
Black and White Trypps Number Three, dir. Ben Russell (Watch this underground movie streaming online)
Coffee and Milk, dirs. Mary Magsamen and Stephan Killerbrand
Hombre Kabuki, dir. Leo Age (Read the underground movie review)
Artist Statement, dir. Daniel Barrow
Chaos at the Interstellar Radiocafe, dir. David Witzling
Mild People in Aggressive T-Shirts, dir. Lyn Elliot
Everything Will Be Okay, dir. Don Hertzfeldt (Read the Underground Film Journal movie review)
Songs of Praise for the Heart Beyond Cure, dir. Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby

9 p.m.: “Envy”
Coconut, dir. Chris Hoag
Tea Party, dir. Asa Mori
Before I Was a Psychic, dir. Polina Malikin
Black and White Trypps Number One, dir. Ben Russell
Untitled Schizophrenia, dir. Rebecca Ristic
Breath on the Mirror, dir. Vanessa Woods and Sarah Friedland
Making Bed July, dir. Lilly Czarnecki
Winter Sea, dir. Erika Tasini
The Storm, dir. Meesoo Lee
Clay Pigeon, dir. Milos Tomic
Catalogue of the Original, dir. Daniel Barrow

For more info, please visit the official MUFF site.