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2007 Melbourne Underground Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 9, 2007

As the press release email from the Melbourne Underground Film Festival says:

Yes, Motherfuckers it’s on again!

MUFF is now open for submissions. Official dates for the fest haven’t been announced yet, but should run sometime in September/October 2007. Festival director Richard Wolstencroft is currently working on a new feature film, but will also be overseeing the fest. There is only one deadline you have to worry about and it is:

Final Deadline:
July 24

To submit, just follow the directions at the MUFF site. Entry fee is $40 AUD, so folks in the states need to send a $30 money order. And if you’re an American filmmaker and don’t think it’s worth it to send your film Down Under, MUFF has some extra incentives: They will be giving out several new awards this year, which include Best Foreign Film, Best Foreign Actor, Best Foreign Female Actor and Best Foreign Director. Prizes will be given to the winners. Also, MUFF wants to make it very, very clear:

MUFF’s main raison d’etre is to foster, incubate and promote Aussie alternative, Indy and Guerrilla cinema but we also aim to give large props to our Overseas compatriots and thought it is long overdue you had your own awards to vie for. So, let it be so!

All other categories are all still open to all entrants so Best Cinematography or Supporting Actor or Gratuitous Violence can still go out to our OS pals like they have in the past!

Who can resist?