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2007 Denver Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 15, 2007

Denver Underground Film Festival poster with drawing of man with 8mm film camera

Comin’ at you for two days, Sept. 21-22, the Denver Underground Film Festival will showcase sixteen short films and two features. They are:

Sept. 21:
7 p.m.:
Moonshine, dir. Stephen McKissen
Plutoian Blueprint, dir. Angie Yeowell
Hope, dir. Ron Visher
Dance of the Salted Slug
Startle Pattern, dir. Eric Patrick
Kill Cupid, dir. Damaris Drummond
Wipe the Dirt Off Our Intentions, dir. Adam Vogel
Adventures of the Space Force: Captain Quaio vs. The Robots of Planet z-16, dir. Josh Hamm
Who Knows If…, dir. Yuka Takeda
Opiated: Life Beneath the Eyelids, dir. Dara Taylor

Feature film of the night:
Combover: The Movie, dirs. Tim Fenoglio and Chris Marino. Who has the best combover in the entire U.S.? Tim and Chris attempt to find out…

Sept. 22
7 p.m.:
A Great Pale Acceptance, dir. The Matadors
Lowell Gleason Wears Glasses, dir. Evan Nix and Adam Nix
Canvas Cinema 1: Thinking Is Finding, dir. Eric Waldemar
Aeon, dir. Eduardo Garcia.
Family Life, dir. McCRaw
The Projectionist, dir. Paul Pendell

Feature film of the night:
Rex-patriates, dir. Nancy Bishop. A mockumentary about four American artist types who settle in Prague. Once their infatuation with the city wears off and they decide to leave — that’s when they realize they can’t.