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2007 Coney Island Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ September 25, 2007

Coney Island Film Festival poster featuring a drawing of a man caught molesting a woman

The most fun place on Earth (and that’s no exaggeration) is once again hosting their freakish movie fest. The Coney Island Film Festival is going to run this weekend, Sept 28-30, and will have three days of outlandish short and feature films at two of the finest establishments in NYC: the Sideshows by the Seashore funhouse and the Coney Island Museum. All they need is a screening atop the Cyclone Roller Coaster to be complete. Coney Island is the best. I love that place. And in addition to the films, there of course will be an opening night party with performances by the New York Burlesque Stars and acts from The Coney Island Circus Sideshow. What else could be better? Here’s the films:

Sept. 28:
7:30 p.m.: American Scary, dir. John Hudgens. A documentary about a dying American art: TV horror movie hosting. Featuring interviews and footage of Zacherley, Vampira, Svengoolie and many more. In Philadelphia, near where I grew up, we had the “Maneater from Manyunk,” Stella. She’s interviewed, too.

Sept. 29:
12:00 p.m.:
Sideshow, dir. Lisa LaBracio
A Triplet Affair, dir. Lauryn Siegel
End of the Sawdust Trail, dir. Andy Brodie
The Little Gorilla, dir. Harry Kellerman
Dear Lemon Lima, dir. Suzi Yoonessi
Brooklyn Boy, dir. Michael Rizzo
One Little Step, dir. Emily Blickem

1:00 p.m.: ‘Indian Larry Memorial Field Tribute’, dir. Gary Planken. A documentary about the legendary Chopper builder, who died tragically while performing a stunt for a TV special in 2004. Preceded by Charge For That, dir. Chris Cassidy.

2:00 p.m.:
Dirty Whirl, dir. Matt Goldman
The Toll, dir. J Zachary Pike
Nature of the Beast, dir. Nate Pommer
Anniversary Present, dir. Doug Karr
Face Value, dirs. James Israel, Jeff Israel
Off Hour, dir. Daniel Frei
No Destination, dir. Shannah Laumeister
151617, dir. Petra Innanen

3:00 p.m.: King of Sorrow, dir. Damian Lee. A police detective with a dark past and even darker present knocks up a nice psychiatrist. She doesn’t take it so well when she finds out who her baby’s daddy really is.

4:00 p.m.:
Coffee Time, dir. Kathleen Fitzgerald
Slice, dir. Carmen Maria Milito
Club Soda, dir. Paul Carafotes
Security, dir. Mark Edgington
The Unknown Coppola, dir. Christopher Coppola
Ode to Fredo, dirs. Zeke Hawkins, Simon Hawkins

5:00 p.m.: Two Tickets to Paradise, dir. D.B. Sweeney. Three adult slackers go on a boozy roadtrip to figure out how their lives took such an inactive turn.

6:00 p.m.: “Coney Island Films”
Jollyship the Whiz-Bang: Cleaning Up Coney Island, dir. Noah Todd
Coney Island of the Mind, dir. Jake Geiger
Coney Island, USA, dir. Craig Butta
Freak Dream, dirs. Chris DePierro, Amanda Jencsik
Eternal Flame, dir. Leah Meyerhoff
Coney Island, dir. Ramen Cromwell
Keep It Clean, dir. Jeanette Sena Muhlmann

7:00 p.m.: Mathematically Alive: A Story of Fandom, dirs. Joseph Coburn, Katherine Foronjy. A documentary about New York Mets fans.

8:00 p.m.:
The Sandman, dir. Rich Ragsdale
Broken Clocks, dir. Ivan Cortazar
The Insane, dirs. Mark Cripps, David Ellison
Night of the Living Gay, dir. Lola Rock’N’Rolla
Heading Home, dir. Jane Rose
The Apartment, dir. Michael Helman
The Day All Women Loved Me, dir. Antoine Manceaux
A Yellow Brick Road, dir. Trina Rose Cutugno

9:00 p.m.: Celluloid #1, dir. Steve Saso. A pretentious director and a spoiled actress meet to talk about their lives and their future dreams and aspirations. Of course, their egos get in the way of any human interaction. Preceded by Henry the Otter, dir. Jay Hufford.

10:30 p.m.: The Warriors, dir. Walter Hill. A special screening of the classic NYC film.

Sept. 30
1:00 p.m.:
Art’s Desire, dir. Sarah Wickliffe
Mirror Madness, dir. Christopher Carboni
Blue Dreams Downtown, dir. Raiya Corsiglia
As a Cloud, dir. Stephen Lyman
Crazy Lovin’, dir. Veronika Belianina
George, dir. Alex Kuciw
Messenger, dir. Mark Scalese
Open Wide, dir. Rob Martin

2:00 p.m.:
Adventures on a Tzitza String, dir. Marcia Bricker Halperin
Little Pink Medicine, dir. Carol Chiodini
Circus Amok, dir. Shehani Fernando
Bally-Master, dir. Gary Beeber (Read the underground movie review)
Coney Island Cyclone, dir. Mike Edwards
The History of Vaudeville, dir. Stewart Lippe
Shadows in Narrioch, dir. Walter Santucci

3:00 p.m.: Llik Your Idols, dir. Angelique Bosio. A documentary about the Cinema of Transgression movement of NYC, which included filmmakers like Richard Kern, Lydia Lunch, Joe Coleman and Nick Zedd. Preceded by Teat Beat of Sex, dir. Signe Baumane and Licked, dir. The World Famous Bob.

4:00 p.m.:
Shut-Eye Hotel, dir. Bill Plympton (Read the underground movie review)
Take Out, dir. Jonathan Budine
Joseph Henry, dir. Phil Allocco
Pop Foul, dir. Moon Molson
Sunset Park, dir. Adam Perez
Sangam, dir. Prashant Bhargava
The Intruder, dir. Alessandro Ceglia

5:00 p.m.: Blood, Boobs & Beast, dir. John Kinhart. A documentary about influential low-budget filmmaker Don Dohler. Preceded by The Eyes of Edward James, dir. Rodrigo Gudino and Pretty, dir. Victor Bonacore.

6:00 p.m.:
The Space Burger, dir. Sookyoung Choi
A Man in the Attic, dir. Ali Imran Zaidi
Stomping Grounds, dir. Rob Schroeder
And She Don’t Stop, dir. Dacia Kornechuk
Rhyme Animal, dir. Phil Roc
Clam Heads, dir. Diane Dwyer

For more info, please visit the CIFF official site.