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2007 Boston Underground Film Festival: The Videos

Boston Underground Film Festival poster featuring a bunny fighting a giant eyeball

The fine folks over at the Boston Underground Film Festival have put up a couple of videos from the crazy events held during this year’s fest.

First up is a wrestling match by B.L.O.W.W, the Boston League of Women Wrestlers, a punk-rock lookin’ group of female fighters. What I really like about this clip is that it appears that the match is being held just outside on the sidewalk and I imagine Bostonians who are working downtown going out for lunch, stumbling upon this and thinking, “What the…?” If that happened, it’s not captured in the video, but fun to watch:

Next is a performance by nun cover band Systyr Act. Ok, I don’t think they’re really nuns, but they rock out to Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” Trivia note: This BOC hit is what’s on the radio while Jamie Lee Curtis and Nancy Loomis get high in Nancy’s car in the original Halloween (my favorite movie). So, that’s why I had to put this up.

And on a related note, here’s a clip from the Director’s Choice winning short Trionyx, dir. Nick Childs. It is a little disappointing because it’s an extremely brief clip from a short film, but it looks really great, so I wanted to post it up anyway. Maybe someday the whole thing will make it’s way online. (Update: Watch the full version of Trionyx: (Soft Shelled Turtle) here. ) One to look out for:

Finally, the BUFF MySpace page has a bunch of other videos up, including their awards ceremony, which I’ve retroactively added to my BUFF award winners post, since it seems more appropriate to put it here.

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