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2007 Boston Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 5, 2007

Boston Underground Film Festival poster featuring a bunny fighting a giant eyeball

Running March 22-25 in two separate theaters, the Brattle and Harvard Square Cinema, the 2007 Boston Underground Film Festival features a great lineup of features and shorts. First, I’ll list the features and the shorts. And if you like reading about some of the features, many of them have their trailer on BUFF’s MySpace page so you can find out a little bit more about them. Here ya go:

March 22 — FEATURES

7:30pm: American Stag, dir. Benjamin Meade. Opening Night Film! A documentary covering the history of the “stag movie,” the precursor to today’s ubiquitous porn industry. Preceded by a selection of stag films form Meade’s personal collection; plus, Beyond the Pearly Gates of Ill-Repute, dirs. Elza Kephart & Elizabeth Lawerence.

March 23 — FEATURES

3:00pm: The Third Eye, dir. Leah Walker. A thriller about a photojournalist investigating the strange death of her brother, which may involve a weird society that’s into trepanation, the act of drilling holes in one’s head to alleviate sickness. Preceded by The Eyes of Edward James, dir. Rodrigo Gudino.

7:00pm: End of the Line, dir. Maurice Devereaux. A psychiatric nurse is pursued by religious zealots who believe Armageddon has arrived and it’s their duty to dispatch all sinners to Hell. Preceded by Morphine, dir. Ted Roach.

7:30pm: Dante’s Inferno, dir. Sean Meredith. An animated — with paper puppets — modern adaptation of the classic tale. An alcoholic wakes up from a bender and gets a tour of Hell. Featuring the voices of Dermot Mulroney and James Cromwell. Preceded by Puppet, dir. Patrick Smith. (Watch Puppet online)

9:30pm: Bulldog in the White House, dir. Todd Verow. This update of the classic story Dangerous Liasons recasts the current Bush Administration as group of devious homosexuals. Winner Best Narrative Feature at the 2006 Chicago Underground Film Festival.

9:45pm: The 4th Life, dir. Francois Miron. A women sets off on a journey to save her husband’s business, but is relentlessly pursued by her psychotic former lesbian lover.

March 24 — FEATURES

2:30pm: When Is Tomorrow, dir. Kevin Ford. A man about to be married invites his best friend to the wedding, but the pair’s dark past haunts the happy precedings. Preceded by How Would You Feel (Vol. 1 & 2), dir. Terence Nance.

5:15pm: Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness, dir. Melody Gilbert. A documentary about people who explore uncharted urban territory, including underground tunnels and an abandoned mental hospital. Preceded by The Stalls Are Alive, dir. Johnny Cathcart.

9:15pm: Viva, dir. Anna Biller. In the ’70s, a secretary gets involved in the bohemian lifestyle — including drugs and free love — after her husband splits. Preceded by Team Queen, dir. Leah Meyerhoff. (Read the Underground Film Journal review of Team Queen)

9:30pm: Fatality, dir. Vladimir Maslakov. A filmmaker is given the job of filming a real murder while two sisters attempt to rip off the mob. Preceded by Mournful Things: A Modern Day Opera, dir. Joseph Sulpizi.

11:55pm: The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai, dir. Mitsuru Meike. A prostitute transforms into an intellectual turned on by the mere mention of Noam Chomsky after getting shot in the forehead by gangsters. Preceded by B-17: A Mini-Epic, dirs. Arutuo Cubacub & Sarah Weis.

March 25 — FEATURES

3:30pm: ¡El Presidente!, dir. Jeremy Solterbeck. Two lucha libre wrestlers, and former lovers, vie to become president of a tiny South Pacific island. Preceded by a live wrestling match between the Boston League of Women Wrestlers and the masked lady wrestlers of La Gata Negra.

8:00pm: Roman, dir. Angela Bettis. A companion movie to the horror film May, a shy welder thinks he’s found true love, only to be seriously rebuffed after which he takes up with an unstable “free spirit” of a woman. Preceded by Kisses, dir. Dominic Traverzo.

And now, the shorts programs:

March 23 — SHORTS

5:30pm: “Schadenfreude”
Guide Dog, dir. Bill Plympton (Read the Underground Film Journal short film review)
Mola Ser Malo, dir. Alam Raja
Number 7, dir. Ryan Sage
The Morning After, dir. Daniel Knight
Hyperactive Ingredients, dir. Trevor Piecham
Free Range, dir. Steve Friendship
Self-Service, dir. Gabriel Barros
Feeding, dir. James Arnell
Red Meat, dirs. Aram Bauman & Stephanie Armstrong
Zombie Movie, dirs. Michael Asquith & Ben Stenbeck

11:55pm: “Midnight Transgressions”
Lib-Beed Away, dir. Carey Burtt
Bunny, dir. Corey Michael Smithson
I Don’t Even Fucking Love You, dir. Jesika Joy
Apeshit, dir. Corey Michael Smithson
Whore, dir. Isabelle McEwen
Transfiguration, dir. Phil Hastings
Fetal, dir. Todd Verow
New York Story, dir. Nicolas Jenkins
Sometimes…, dir. Jesika Joy
My Black Ex-Husband Raped Me in the Bathroom, dir. a.k.a. Joey
Gary’s Touch, dir. Ken Takahashi

March 24 — SHORTS

2:30pm: “Free Speech Zone”
Power Up, dir. Sverre Fredriksen
Terrorism and You, dir. Conor Nicoll
When Georgie Comes Marchin’ Home, dir. David Puls
The Boneworm Shrine, dir. Justin Jones
Gone, dir. Andrew Watson
Help Is Coming, dir. Ben Mor
Untitled, dir. Sam Zavieh
Outlawed, dir. Matisse Bustos

3:30pm: “Hyperreel”
Abby 01-96, dir. Jon Garcia
Le Deux Fois, dir. Bill Domonkos
The Last Slice, dir. Jenny Kroik
Startle Pattern, dir. Eric Patrick
Saul Goodman, dir. Jim Connell
The Spell, dir. Pablo Millan
Mournful Things: A Modern Day Opera, dir. Joseph Sulpizi

5:00pm: “Small Gauge Trauma” (shorts from the Fantasia International Film Festival)
Wat a Wonderful Day, dir. Phillip Eddolls
The Raftman’s Razor, dir. Keith Bearden
Redrat, dir. Guillermo Kloetzer
Day of John, dir. Chris Nash
Entombed, dir. Dalibor Backovic
The Man in the Lower-Left Hand Corner of the Photograph, dir. Robert Morgan
Love From Mother Only (Amor Só de Mãe), dir. Dennison Ramalho
War (La Guerra), dirs. Luiso Berdeso & Jorge C. Dorado
The Other American Dream (El Otro Sueño Americano), dir. Enrique Arroyo

7:30pm: “Distress Management”
Stickers, dir. Daniel Maldonado
Lantern, dir. Chia Yi-Lin
And the Woods Fell Silent Again, dir. Raina Ajami
Alice’s Mirror, dir. Alessandro Palmeri
Y Que Cumplas Muchos Mas, dir. David Alcalde
The Uncertain, dir. Aaron Maurer

March 25 — SHORTS

1:45pm: “Laughing Wild”
Big Movie Trailer, dir. Jeff Stern
The Boy in the Air, dir. Lyn Elliot
Violence on Television, dir. Adam Gooder
Untitled Film #9, dir. David Butler
Tony Vs. Paul, dir. Paul Cummings
El Mole El Mezcal, dir. Marco Espirito Santo
Marvelous, Keen Looney Bin, dir. Lizzi Akana
Conquest Blues, dir. Gordon Nickel
B-Alles, dir. Marina Gioti
Trionyx: Soft Shelled Turtle, dir. Nick Childs (Read the underground movie review)
Blow: A Public Service Announcement, dir. Dick Thompson (Watch this underground movie streaming online)
I’m Keith Hernandez, dir. Rob Perri (Watch this underground movie streaming online)
13 Ways to Die at Home, dir. Lee Lanier
Krunk Shuttle, dir. Pat Vamos

2:30pm: “Blasphemous Rumours”
The Soul Collector, dir. James Higgins
God’s Little Girl, dir. Mitch Davis
Pink Minute, dir. Sunita Prasad
Nighthawks, dir. Susan Dipronio
Day Trip, dir. Tracy Martin
Bride of Christ, dir. Kim H.
Beyond the Pearly Gates of Ill Repute, dirs. Elza Kephart & Elizabeth Lawrence

5:15pm: “Hi-Concept”
Film Noir, dir. Osbert Parker
Nocturne, dir. Bill Domonkos
The Cabinet of Madam Blavatsky, dir. Justin Kays
The Listening Dead, dir. Phil Mucci
Windows Masks Doors, dir. Sarah Orenstein
Ice Cream Ants, dir. Jeremy Carr
The Touch, dir. Vanessa Woods
Hansel and Gretel, dir. Robert Eggers

For more info, please visit BUFF’s official site.