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2007 Austin Underground Film Festival: The Videos

By Mike Everleth ⋅ August 14, 2007

Austin Underground Film Festival

While doing research for my short film reviews for the 2007 Austin Underground Film Festival, I found that several of the shorts were uploaded to YouTube. Since the review article was long enough as it is, I thought I’d post some of those videos in another post, which would be this one you’re reading right now. So, while the video quality here isn’t so great, in fact it’s so, so sub-par from watching them on a nice, big screen with a group of fellow film maniacs. But, these are good videos and if you couldn’t make it out to Austin, this format will have to do.

Especially this first video, which was my absolute favorite out of the bunch. Whatever it is you’re doing, even reading this, stop the fuck doing that and watch. This is Kiri Davis’ A Girl Like Me, a documentary interview of several black teenage girls about the social importance of different shaded skin in the black community, as well as a mind-blowing test of kids picking out black and white dolls. This is riveting video:

The rest of the videos are on the lighter side. First is Don Swaynos‘ absurdist In Defense of Definitions:

Next, here’s Tiffany Haile’s Cube, a great retro-video game parody.

And finally, here’s the climactic music video scene from Jon Clark‘s wonderful ’80s teen movie send-up Baggs: The Movie. This is a great film, as you can tell from my glowing review here, but the music video is wonderful fun all by itself. I just love the hacky-sacking scenes:

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