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2007 ATA Film & Video Festival: Photos

Audience sitting in the ATA microcinema theater in San Francisco

There’s one of those Flickr galleries that are all the rage now documenting the good times had at the 2nd annual Artists Television Access Film & Video Festival, which was held back on Oct. 10-12. As you can see from that nice shot of the back of everybody’s heads up there, a good time was had by all. Actually, I picked that image as a sample because I could identify the film they’re watching: Window, directed by Lukas Lukasik. The audience should be having a good time cuz it’s a great film. You can view all the photos by clicking here.

And thanks for festival co-director Isabel Fondevila for sending the pics link and, more importantly, sending me all the films screened for review. If you missed my blow-out write up, you can catch up on it here.