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2007 Antimatter Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

Antimatter Underground Film Festival logo featuring a picture of an old tv set

The end of September has got to be the biggest underground film exhibition period of the entire year, if not the past three or four. (I dunno, how long have I been doing this on the Underground Film Journal(?) First — and first by just a day — we have the massive eleven day Melbourne Underground Film Festival omnibus.

But, say you can’t make it to that hemisphere, what do you do? Hightail it to Victoria, BC in Canada, that’s what! And you go to the 10th edition of the Antimatter Underground Film Festival, which runs Sept. 21-29. That’s nine days packed to the gills of outrageous, mind-expanding short films, a few features and performances.

And congrats to them for making it to a full decade, which is totally impressive. More impressive? Their lineup of films:

September 21

7 p.m.: “Songs of Praise”
Ou est Maurice?, dir. Matthew Rankin & Alek Rzeszowski
Attraction Is Ephemeral, dir. Jean Smith
Songs of Praise for the Heart Beyond Cure, dir. Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby
Das Sein und das Nicts (Being & Nothingness), dir. Bady Minck
Madame Zhang’s Dream, dir. Joe Chang
Everyday Bad Dream, dir. Fred Worden
Softversion, dir. Erik Moskowitz
Uropop, dir. Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay
Ugoku, dir. Kasumi

10 p.m.: “Antimatter X”
Mecca Normal & Run Chico Run. This is a double-bill concert of the two popular indie bands, which will include video and light shows.

September 22

7 p.m.: “Videobrasil (Foreign Matter: Brazil)”
Concerto Para Clorofila, dir. Cao Guimaraes
Lo Sublime / Banal, dir. Graciela Taquini
Roger, dir. Federico Lamas
O Fim Do Homem Cordial, dir. Daniel Lisboa
Un Cercle Autour du Soleil, dir. Ali Cherri
Plano-(con)sequencia, dir. Rodrigo Minelli
02. Conjunto residencial, dirs. Adams Teixeira de Carvalho & Olívia Brenga Marques
Paralisis, dir. Gabriel Acevedo Velarde

9 p.m.: “Alchemical Valentines”
Hand 2, dir. Bo-Wook Son
Hot Foots & Hat Tricks, dir. Rick Raxlen
Red Stallion’s Revenge, dir. Vanessa Renwick
Ozymandias, dir. Dave Griffiths
Blitz, dir. Emmanuel Lefrant
Double Shot, dir. Gerda J. Cammaer
Portrait #1: Cascadia Terminal, dir. Vanessa Renwick
Pledge, dir. Ann Steuernagel
Butterfly Dream, dir. Tao Gu
Lover, dir. Venus Soberanes
At Hand, dir. Andrew Busti

11 p.m.: “Blood of the Earthworm”
Double Lives, dir. Salise Hughes
Authority Head Exorcism, dir. Daniel J. King
Peng-Peng, dir. Dietmar Brehm
Through These Trackless Waters, dir. Elizabeth Henry
The Scab, dir. Jim Minton
Hazel & David, dir. Nomi Talisman
Earth’s Shadow, dir. Huckleberry Lain
It Will Die Out in the Mind, dir. Deborah Stratman
Blood of the Earthworm, dir. Brittany Gravely

September 23

3 p.m.: “The Best of PXL THIS”
Souvenir, dir. Stephen Rose
Gestures, dir. L.M. Sabo
Helen Possert: A WWII Rosie, dir. Michael Possert
Sonigraphic Traces of the Otherwise Undocumented Friedkin Institute for Sleep Disorder Research, dirs. Struan Ashby & Roy Parkhurst
I’m in the Mood, dir. Bryan Konefsky
About Flowers, dir. Juniper Woodbury
Sleep, dir. Doug Ing
Double-Duty Interrobang, dir. Gerry Fialka
Fish, dir. Joe Frese
PXL Manifesto, dir. Ross Craig
Babblefesto #2, dir. Steve Craig
A Stake to the Heart: The Last PXL Movie, dir. Ross Craig
Rugrat, dir. Lisa Marr
Zero, dir. Eli Elliott

5 p.m.: “The Expeditionists”
Where You Are Is Not Where You Are Going, dir. Jennifer Hardacker
Another Lost Soul, dir. Lyle Pisio
The Living Theatre Touches You, dirs. Thomas Moore & Douglas Campbell
Self-Mastery, dir. Jeff Bird
85%, dir. Guillermina Buzio
The Expeditionists, dir. Sabine Gruffat
Waterfront, dir. David Lester
Lietuvos Bankus, dir. Barbara Musil
Once Upon a Time, dir. Corinna Schnitt

7 p.m.: “Two Thousand Walls”
Guest / Huesped, dir. Roberto Lopez Flores
Icon, dir. Chi Jang Yin
two thousand walls (a song for Jayyous), dir. Peter Snowdon
Paper & Sand, dir. Sotiris Dounoukos
Interstate (part two)
, dirs. Cortlund & Halperin
Jaffagate 2.0, dir. Rick Raxlen
L’ Étoile Noire, dirs. Emmanuelle Lippe & Bertil Dubach

9 p.m.: “Agitprop”
Noise, dir. Babak Meinaghi
Infinite Justice, dir. Karl Tebbe
Bayrak (The Flag), dir. Koken Ergun
The Shining Trench of Chairman Gonzalo (La Trinchera Luminosa del Presidente Gonzalo), dir. Jim Finn

September 24

7 p.m.: “Fluid Cartography”
Portrait #2: Trojan, dir. Vanessa Renwick
Qualities of Stone, dir. Robert Todd
Passage, dirs. Peter Byrne & Carole Woodlock
Number One, dir. Leighton Pierce
Lake Ontario (in my head), dir. Penny McCann
Infinite Delay, dir. Kadet Kuhne
Iceland, dir. Fabienne Gautier
Vague du temps vague (Wave of a Vague Time), dir. Alexis Landriault
The General Returns from One Place to Another, dir. Michael Robinson

9 p.m.: “Secondhand Daylight”
One Dimensional Man, dir. Doug Henry
Win, dir. Eugene Rodriguez
Memo to Pic Desk, dirs. Chris Kennedy & Anna van der Menley
Cabinet, dir.
Secondhand Daylight, dir. Simon Aeppli
Selektion, dir. Dietmar Brehm
Elizabeth Short, dir. Deco Dawson
731: Two Versions of Hell, dir. James T. Hong

September 25

7 p.m.: “Revoking Gravity”
Hymn to Pan, dir. Francois Miron
3 Part Harmony: Composition in RGB #1, dir. Amanda Dawn Christie
Roller Disco Solo (Segue), dir. Miriam Needoba
Out of Bounds, dir. Stephan Richter
You Made Me Love You, dir. Miranda Pennell
Happy Again, dir. Gregg Biermann
Softly, dir. Lisa Kennedy
Flying Days, dir. Pablo Diconca
Part Time Heroes, dirs. Mara Mattuschka & Chris Haring

9 p.m.: “Hearsay”
Stamps, dir. Paul Tarrago
The Bird, the Mouse & the Sausage, dirs. Max Margulies & Naoko Masuda/
Show & Tell: Bellmawr, NJ, dir. Alyse Emdur
My Heart the Interior Decorator, dir. Nelson Henricks
A Triad In 3 Parts, dir. Gary Kibbins
Artist Statement, dir. Daniel Barrow
Hearsay, dir. Steven Eastwood
Portrait of a Woman 1947-2007, dir. Margot Quan Knight
I Was Never Glamorous, I Was Just Around, dir. Ellen Lake
Bare, dir. Santana Issar
Vos, dir. Guillermina Buzio
Miss Popularity, dir. Wayne Yung
Dear Bill Gates, dir. Sarah J. Christman

7 p.m.: Un Poquito de Tanta Verdad (A Little Bit of So Much Truth), dir. Mal de Ojo TV / Corrugated Films. In 2006, the people of Oaxaca took over 14 radio stations and one TV station in their battle for social, cultural and economic justice.

9 p.m.: “Daydream Nation (Foreign Matter: Sweden)”
We Share Our Mother’s Health, dir. Motomichi Nakamura
The Man Who Got Nowhere, dir. Peter Larsson
Ageing Had Never Been His Friend, dir. Andreas Nilsson
The Tale of Little Puppetboy, dir. Johannes Nyholm
Friendly Fire, dir. Otto Mogren
The Horse’s Sanity, dir. Bjorn Renner
Food, dir. Moa Lonn
Sister in Love, dir. Envelopes
Chosen One, dir. Daniel Levi
Floor, dir. Moa Lonn
NY Hotel, dirs. Andreas Korsar & Andreas Nilsson
Radicalised, dir. Klara Swantesson
God Knows, dir. Asa Arnehed
Pink, dir. Moa Lonn
Pulling Our Weight, dir. Henrik Akerberg
Stay in the Shade, dir. Elias Araya
Young Folks, dir. Graham Samuels
Hokus Pokus, dir. Henrik Akerberg

September 26

7 p.m.: “Small Gauge Spectacular”
City Field, dir. Heather Harkins
A Spin Around Turtle Park (after John Porter’s Cinefuge), dir.
Never Heard the Word Impossible, dir. Stephanie Gray
Disorder Is Creation, dir. Gina Dionne
Cloud Chaser, dir. Daniel Kroenke
I Am Hearing the Last Bird, dir. Ryan Tebo
Count Backwards from Five, dir. Tony Gault
Drawing Genesis, dir. Jaimz Asmundson
Gracie: The Diary of a Coma Patient, dir. Jeff Wedding

9 p.m.: “Ritual Fabulations”
Le Dernier Cri, dir. Erwin Olaf
New York Story, dir. Nicolas Jenkins
Lapse, dir. Micheline Durocher
Girlification, dir. Elliott Hearte
Someone Said, dir. Justine Litynski
Ready for the Day, dir. John G. Boehme
Fairy Grotto, dir. Emett Casey
Come One, Eat All, dir. Yoshie Sakai
White Blue Air, dir. Inza
71/2 Frauen (71/2 Women), dir. Bidzina Kanchaveli
Agnieszka (A Dark Symphony of 2039), dir. Martin Gauvreau
Rouge, dir. Erwin Olaf
The Mallorys Go Black Market, dirs. JoEllen Martinson & William Scott Rees

September 27

7 p.m.: “Phosphor Odyssey”
Energie!, dir. Thorsten Fleisch (Watch online)
Lovesong, dir. Gregory Godhard
There: An Inverted Gloaming, dir. Robert Todd
Patience, dir. Mike Rollo
930, dir. Alexandre Larose
4 x 8, dir. Allen Moore
Light Speed, dir. Karen Johannesen
Interplay, dir. Robert Todd
ete (summer/has been), dir. Karø Goldt
Orbit, dir. Kerry Laitala

9 p.m.: The Wooden Lightbox: a secret art of seeing, dir. Alex Mackenzie. This is a film performance by Mackenzie in which he uses a home-built hand-cranked projector to present “a striking array of handmade and processed emulsion.”

September 28

7 p.m.: “Terminal Velocity”
NYC Weights & Measures, dir. Jem Cohen
Transition Ramp, dir. Hope Peterson
Bicycling As Truth, dir. Sabrina Mathews
Complications, dir. Murray Toews
Sister Cities, dir. Joe Merrell
, dir. Nelly-Eve Rajotte
Carla Cope, dir. Aileen McCormack
Effluvium, dir. Christopher Frieri
A Day Like Any Other, dir. Terryll Loffler
Isol, dir. Esther Y. Weng
Invisible City, dir. Jack Cronin

9 p.m.: “Googled Earth (Foreign Matter: Finland)”
Planet of the Apes, dir. Seppo Renvall
The Girl from Moscow, dir. Mika J. Ripatti
Spotter, dir. Maria Duncker
A Message from Mary Davis, dir. Pekka Sassi
Killer, dir. Maurice Blok
Embroidery, dir. Alli Savolainen
Flutter, dir. Juha van Ingen
Look at the Moon, dir. Markus Renvall
Tests 7 & 8, dir. Marjatta Oja
Nature Film, dir. Juha Mäki-Jussila
A Tale of a Dead Man, dir. Milja Viita
Whiteout, dir. Simo Rouhiainen
Thought Moves Surround, dir. Sanna Maarit Kuittinen
Showerama, dir. Sari Palosaari
Splitter, dir. Pink Twins
Unearth, dir. Oliver Whitehead

11 p.m: “Somnambulant Journeys”
Phantom Canyon, dir. Stacey Steers
Night Falls, dir. John Bacone
Monkey & Deer, dir. Graeme Patterson
Blessed Are the Dreams of Men, dir. Jem Cohen
When We Are Big, dir. Eveline Ketterings
The Magician’s House, dir. Deborah Stratman
Impending Doom, dir. Edgar Pera
Fugue Nefesh, dir. Solomon Nagler

September 29

3:00 p.m.: “Sucker Punch Line”
Self-Portrait As a Tortured Artist (with positive feedback), dir. Evan Tapper
Uncle Cluck, dir. Allan Brown
Filthy Food, dir. T. Arthur Cottam
American Sinner, dir. Matt Freidell
Mild People in Aggressive T-Shirts, dir. Lyn Elliot
Anniversary Present, dir. Doug Karr
Tofino, dirs. Jon Silverberg & Nathan Reimer

7 p.m.:Lunchfilm
$12.80, dir. Bill Daniel
$40.89, dir. Carson Mell
$74.78, dir. James Benning
$33.12 aka A Look Back, dir. Cam Archer
$74.79, dir. Sharon Lockhart
$30.40, dir. James Fotopoulos
$6.00 aka Six-Dollar Twelve Days of Christmas Spectacular, dir. Ben Coonley
$37.37, dir. Kevin Jerome Everson
$42.19, dir. Nina Menkes
$26.14 aka Pardon My Downfall, dir. The Zellner Brothers
$17.00 aka A Protected Witness: Clarkson v. Maxson, dir. Eileen Maxson
$23.16 aka Diamond Dave, dir. Elizabeth Skadden
$32.36, dir. Chris Peters
$26.69 aka When the World’s on Fire, dir. James Clauer
$101.35 (euros) aka Do You Know Klaus Kinski?, dirs. Sebastien Wolf & Ian Ritterskamp
$11.30, dir. Jem Cohen
$32.37, dir. Roger Beebe

10 p.m.: “Xperimental Eros” (Read the Underground Film Journal’s reviews of these films.)
King of Porn, dir. Jeff Krulik
Blue Movie, dir. Mark Street
Sneakin’ & Peekin’, dir. Tom Palazzolo (with Mark Rance)
emoved, dir. Naomi Uman
The influence of ocular light perception on metabolism in man and in animal, dirs. Thomas Draschan & Stella Friedrichs
Downs Are Feminine, dir. Lewis Klahr
The Color of Love, dir. Peggy Ahwesh
Sexjunkie, dir. Julia Ostertag
Pacifier, dir. Oscar Perez

For more info, including screening locations and ticket prices, please visit the official AUFF site.