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2007 10 Or Less Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ October 14, 2007

10 Or Less Film Festival logo just featuring text

The city of Portland, OR is home to several cool film festivals (Portland Underground, PDX) and the 10 Or Less Film Festival is no exception. It’s oh so much more than just three nights of great short films ranging from 1 to 10 minutes, there’s also parties and a Saturday afternoon workshop. It’s a mega-event celebrating the shortest of the shortest films.

Running this year Oct. 18-20 at the Hollywood Theatre, 10 Or Less was founded in 2002 by filmmaker Tony Fuentes, but is now run by director John Denlinger. This year films from all over the world, including Japan, Spain and Australia, will be screening and the shorts run the full gamut from a night of “adults only” entertainment, a screening of shorts from the Reel Youth Film Festival, plus lots of local Portland faves. But what you really want to know is “what are the films?” Well, here they are:

Oct. 18:
7:00 p.m.: “Shorts Program 1”
Pull On Push Off, dir. Philip Leaman
Ground Floor Right, dir. Marlene Schiott Rasmussen
Silently, dir. Eiji Shimada
Farmer Brown, dir. Charlie Cline
Man of the Year, dir. Scott Oullette
kate & george, dir. Lisa Curry
The Red Balloon, dir. Michael Olesen
The Rifle Workbook, dir. Vincent Caldoni
Got Next
, dir. F.M. Strype
Time Perception, dir. Shahrom Taghizadegan
When I Grow Up, dir. Michelle Meeker
Echo Helstrom: Hungry Ghost, dir. Kurt Nishimura

9:00 p.m.: “dreamBOX Theater: Experimental and Offbeat Films” (films loop throughout the evening)
AUX 1, dir. Jack Beck and Matt Costanza
America in Pictures, dir. Georg Koszulinski (Watch online)
By Bicycle, dir. Kevin Freeny and Mike Kitson
5 Cents a Peek, dir. Vanessa Woods
I Dream in Stereo, dir. Ken Glaser

Oct. 19:
7:00 p.m.: “Shorts Program II”
Ring! Ring!, dir. Arman Bohn
Draw, dir. Venessa Monokian
Airport Jordan, dir. Holly Grubbs
Hells Angels Safehouse, dir. Ashley Holzwasser
Huinalini, dir. Hye-In Kim
WATERwaiter, dir. Peter Williams
All That You Want, dir. Sean Strauss
Passing, dir. Vanessa Woods
Zoologic, dir. Nicole Mitchell
Wood Diary, dir. David Edwin Meyers
Saturday Night Newtown Sunday Morning Enmore, dir. Christopher Johnson
The Tree With the Lights in It, dir. Jason A. Harrington
One to the [O]ther, dir. Trina Rose Cutugno
I Met the Walrus, dir. Josh Raskin

9:00 p.m.: “Shorts Program III: Don’t Bring the Kids Shorts” (adult themes and content)
Filthy Food, dir. T. Arthur Cottam
The Game, dir. Christopher Johnson
2 in the AM PM, dir. J.G. Quintel
Rainbow Brite: The True Saturday Morning Story, dir. Tyler Spencer
Peterson’s Savings and Loan, dir. Will Elliott
The Big Pull, dir. Galen Carter-Jeffrey
Alto Riesgo (High Risk), dir. Nahuel Losada
One More Time, dir. Jesse Grce
Strategery, dir. Jim Lowry
Will of the Wisp, dir. Jody Thompson
Guy, dir. Alonso Lujan

Oct. 20:
5:00 p.m.: “Reel Youth Screening”
Black or White, dir. Savannah Peterson
Goonda, dir. Reel Youth
Love Yourself, dir. Danielle Mulcahy
Humour Me, dir. Jay Morton
Playground Duel, dir. Jake Dunbar
Pleasure in Quietus, dir. Kelly Dale, Ryan Lanji
Rez Life, dir. Martan Edwards, David Aleck, Nick Clark
Slip of the Tongue, dir. Karen Lum, Andrew Baxter and German Rodriguez
Street Addicts Street Addicts, A Reel Youth Production in conjunction with The City of Vancouver
The Suit, dir. Simon Marmorek, Tim Garner, Liam Shiveral and Graham Serl
On the Line, dir. Pirouz Nemati, Ala’a Abu Dawoud, Ragheb
Warren Terror, dir. Tyler Funk, S. Mercado, D. Stone, C. Hogan, P. Prajoux, P. Maiolo
A Day at the Zoo, dir. Bret Kerven
Meth Awareness
The Circle Is Round: Girl Scouts Beyond Bars
Careful What You Wish For

7:00 p.m.: “Shorts Program IV”
Gnatural Wonders, dir. Bennett Battaile
Daddy’s Little Man, dir. Shannon Anderson
Deathtrap, dir. Pascal Trottier
Lost Utopia, dir. Mirai Mizue
Love by Numbers, dir. Matt Donaldson
ROOMlight, dir. Peter Williams
Fragile Machine, dir. Ben Steele
Unraveling, dir. Sarah Cortese
Charlie & Guy, dir. Samuel Nalband
Massacre at Murambi, dir. Sam Kauffmann
Some Apologies, dir. Adem Weldon
Ben: A True Story, dir. Melanie Brown

For more info, please visit the official 10 Or Less Film Festival site.