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2006 San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival: A Look Back

By Mike Everleth ⋅ December 1, 2006

Man with his lower jaw missing

Ok, this is like waaay past due (the San Francisco Underground Short Film Festival was held back on Aug. 19), but filmmaker Waylon Bacon only just put up pictures of him attending the fest on his MySpace blog. He directed the short film Poster Boy, about a smoker who loses his lower jaw to cancer and reluctantly becomes an anti-smoking mascot. It’s a comedy. You can see pictures of Waylon and friends having fun.

And after checking out Waylon’s blog, I visited the SFUSFF site again and saw a trailer for the fest I hadn’t seen before. Now, so far I’ve resisted the whole embedded video phenomenon on the Underground Film Journal, but I think I’m going to start caving. So, the trailer is below. Does anybody who reads this know what the song is? I’m assuming it’s Peaches.

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