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2006 Cucalorus Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ November 7, 2006

Getting this in under the wire, here’s the full lineup of the Cucalorus Film Festival, the indie festival that runs in Wilmington, NC every year, this year taking place Nov. 8-11. Another “not quite underground” festival that I like to feature, they’re actually running a couple of films that I have reviews up for, which I’ll be noting in the list below. Some of these films have also had theatrical runs, or are in their runs now, including a couple from the underground friendly distributor Kino International (Old Joy, Psychopathia Sexualis).

Here’s the drill: Features first, shorts after that. It’s a very big list, so big in fact I think I’m going to be lazy and not write up my usual descriptions of the movies. Most of them, their titles and/or filmmakers speak for themselves.


Wednesday, November 8

7:00 PM
The Trials of Darryl Hunt, dirs. Ricki Stern & Annie Sundberg

Thursday, November 9

10:00 AM
Workingman’s Death, dir. Michael Glawogger

1:00 PM
Al Franken: God Spoke, dir. Nick Doob & Chris Hegedus
(Read the underground movie review)
(preceded by Guide Dog, dir. Bill Plympton)

5:00 PM
Rain in a Dry Land, dir. Anne Makepeace

6:30 PM
The Substitute, dir. Talya Lavie
(preceded by Hanuszka, dir. Nurit Kedar)

9:30 PM
13 Tzameti, dir. Géla Babluani
(Read the underground movie review)
(preceded by The Curse of the Voodoo Child, dir. Steven Woloshen)

9:30 PM
Chasing the Lotus, dir. Gregory Schell
(preceded by I Love You So, dir. Kees Brienen)

11:59 PM
Psychopathia Sexualis, dir. Bret Wood
(2006 Atlanta Underground Film Festival Best Drama Feature & 2006 Boston Underground Film Festival Director’s Choice Feature)
(preceded by Anonymous, 1855, dir. Madi Piller)

Friday, November 10

10:30 AM
Cocaine Cowboys, dir. Billy Corben & Alfred Spellman

1:00 PM
Iron Island, dir. Mohammad Rasoulof
(preceded by Fourteen, dir. Nicole Barnette)

2:00 PM
A Reel Man, dir. Todd Lothery
(preceded by Cucalorus: A Short Documentary, dir. Brandon Leonard & Josh Woll)

2:30 PM
The Guestworker, dir. Cynthia Hill & Charles Thompson
(preceded by Tragic Story with Happy Ending, dir. Regina Pessoa)

4:30 PM
So Much So Fast, dirs. Steven Ascher & Jeanne Jordan
(preceded by Ancestors, dir. Cable Hardin)

5:00 PM
Dirt Nap, dir. D.B. Sweeney
(preceded by Boy Next Door, dir. Travis Davis)

6:30 PM
Golub: Late Works are the Catastrophes, dir. Jerry Blumenthal & Gordon Quinn
(preceded by Mary’s Gone Wild, dir. Blair Johnson)

7:00 PM
The Breast Cancer Diaries, dir. Linda Pattillo
(preceded by Afloat, dir. Erin Hudson)

7:30 PM
Forgiving the Franklins, dir. Jay Floyd
(preceded by Moongirl, dir. Henry Selick)

9:30 PM
Two Headed Cow, dir. Tony Gayton
(preceded by Pack, dir. Ton van Zantovoort)

10:00 PM
Old Joy, dir. Kelly Reichardt
(Also played at 2006 PDX Film Festival)
(preceded by Magda, dir. Chel White)

11:59 PM
Shortbus, dir. John Cameron Mitchell
(preceded by Team Queen, dir. Leah Meyerhoff)

Saturday, November 11

10:00 AM
Drawing Lines, dirs. Josh Bolton & Justin Weber
(preceded by The Origins Of Electricity, dir. Benh Zeitlin)

11:00 AM
The Guatemalan Handshake, dir. Todd Rohal

11:00 AM
Broken Brotherhood: Vietnam and the Boys from Colgate, dir. Lou Buttino
(preceded by Taubman Sucks, dir. Theo Lipfert)

1:00 PM
Letters From the Other Side, dir. Heather Courtney
(Also played 2006 Brooklyn Underground Film Festival)

3:00 PM
Downtown Locals, dir. Rory + Robin Muir
(preceded by Logan’s Dream, dir. Charles Roxburgh)

4:00 PM
Tim’s Island, dir. Laszlo Fulop & Wickes Helmboldt
(preceded by Look For Me, dir. Laura Heit)

5:30 PM
First Lesson in Peace, dir. Yoram Honig
(preceded by The Substitute, dir. Talya Lavie)

6:30 PM
Tolerance, dir. Mark Finch Hedengren
(preceded by Slumming, dir. Michael Glawogger)

7:30 PM
Beyond Beats and Rhymes: A Hip Hop Head Weighs In On Manhood in Hip-Hop Culture, dir. Byron Hurt
(preceded by Almost Forgot My Bones, dir. Katrin Bowen)

8:00 PM
Find Love, dir. Erica Dunton
(preceded by Cold?, dir. Norwood Cheek)

9:00 PM
Forgiven, dir. Paul Fitzgerald
(preceded by Ringo, dir. Dave Monahan)

10:00 PM
Cocaine Angel, dir. Michael Tully
(preceded by Orange, dir. Buckley Hubbard)

11:30 PM

Willow Garden, dir. Jim Haverkamp & Don Baker


Wednesday, November 8

2:00 PM
Vision ’06: UNCW Student Filmmaker’s Showcase

4:30 PM
80 Windows, dir. Meg Lansaw
If There Were No Lutherans… Would There Still Be Green Jell-O?, dir. Gayle Knutson
Lieve Monster (Sweet Monster), dir. Marco De Stefanis
All You Zombies, dir. Bryan Kupko
Return of the Rednecks, dir. Brent Triplett

7:00 PM
The Queen Family, dir. Neal Hutcheson
The Origins Of Electricity, dir. Benh Zeitlin
The Writer’s Pub, dir. David Dunn Jr.
A Life of Death, dir. Dawn Westlake
Lemonade Stand, dir. John Moore

9:30 PM
The Life of a Kaleidoscope Death, dir. Khang Mai
The Calming, dir. Benedict R. Fancy
Dragon, dir. Troy Morgan
Angelmakers, dir. Astrid Bussink

11:59 PM
Dirty Diamonds Are Forever, dir. Brad McWaters
Filthy Food, dir. T. Arthur Cottam
Don’t You Bring Me Down Today, dir. Keith Wilson
Lasso, dir. Maïa Cybelle Carpenter
Escape Velocity, dir. Scott Ligon
XXX Amsterdam, dir. Martha Colburn

Friday, November 10

12:00 PM
Escape Velocity, dir. Scott Ligon
Surveillance 3, dir. William Noland
S A V E, dir. Roger Warren Beebe

3:00 PM
Elements, dir. Dariusz Kowalski
Man Seeking Man, dir. Matti Harju
Yo Tambien te Quiero (I like you too), dir. Jack Zagha Kababie
Trace, dir. Andrew Lund
The Census Taker, dir. Phil Dale

4:00 PM
Lost and Found, dir. Erica Dunton
Red Autumn, dir. ‘Mike’ Mohammed Elshrif
SlowPoke, dir. Karol Siegel
Rules of the Road, dir. The Olson Brothers
Age of Consent, dir. Jessica Ward
Shoel, dir. Marty Hardin

9:00 PM
The Girls of Elizabeth Street, dir. Tad Davis
Antonio’s Breakfast, dir. Daniel Mulloy
Halloween Revisted, dir. Bryan Kupko & John Slade
Monster, dir. Jennifer Kent
4th and Long, dir. Timothy Vandenberg
Super Sam, dir. Brent Triplett

11:59 PM
What I’m Looking For, dir. Shelly Silver
Ecoulement/ Flow, dir. Boran Richard
Surveillance 3, dir. William Noland
Urban Creatures, dir. Francine Zuckerman
Full Metal Slacks, dir. Scott Calomio

Saturday, November 11

12:00 PM
The Abortion Diaries, dir. Penny Lane
Mother, dir. Sian Heder
Are You Ugly?, dir. Daniela Luzi

1:30 PM
Lucky, dir. Avie Luthra
Phantom Canyon, dir. Stacy Steers
Big Girl, dir. Renuka Jeyapalan
La Guerra, dir. Luiso Berdejo & Jorge C. Dorando
For Interieur, dir. Patrick Poubel

2:30 PM
The Rest Is Silence, dir. Andrew Henderson
Enemy, dir. Jonathan Shepard
The Drill, dir. Joel Davenport
Kilroy Was Here, dir. Charlie Boyles
Only the Dead, dir. Jason Flynn

5:00 PM
Mary. Me, dir. Kelly Egan
Trouble the Water, dir. Evan Vetter
Bottle Tree, dir. Edward R. Tyndall
Her Heart was Washed in Water and Then Weighed, dir. Sasha Waters
Time and the Hour Run, dir. Samir R. Patel
Know What You Mean, dir. Lyn Elliot (Watch this underground movie online)

11:59 PM
S A V E, dir. Roger Warren Beebe
Comeback, dir. Mara Mattuschka
kuboå, dir. David Baeumler
Le Bombardement Le Port Des Perles, dir. Richard Kerr
Ghost Tank Apocalypse, dir. John E. Goras

As always, please visit the Cucalorus Film Festival website for more info.

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