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Movie Review: 2000 NYUFF: Day 2, Part 4: The Target Shoots First

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 9, 2000

The Target Shoots First is a totally rockin’ movie! If you have any chance to see this masterpiece in any way, shape or form watch it. (It may be embedded above if it’s not removed yet.)

This guy Chris Wilcha, a punk rocker and Philosophy grad, took an entry-level job at Columbia House to pay the rent. He then proceeded to bring a video camera to work everyday to document his experiences, his co-workers and life under the corporate mentality. I think a film about a slaughterhouse would have made for a less horrifying documentary. The Columbia House warehouse even looks amazingly like a place where cows are led to have their heads bashed in and their throats slit.

The one point in the film where I practically fell on the floor laughing was Chris’s documentation of the separation between the marketing and design departments, which exist on two separate floors of the Columbia House office. Not only do concrete and steel separate these two departments, but so does an entire mindset and life philosophy.

I could SO! totally relate to that as I work for an Internet company in which the editorial and technical departments exist on two separate floors in the same building. The divisions in my company looked hauntingly familiar in this film. Especially so since I straddle these two departments as Chris had to endure.

So, if I ever run into Chris, I’m gonna kill that mother cause I should have made this movie instead of him!

Oops, next movie’s about to start. Later…

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