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Movie Review: 2000 NYUFF: Day 2, Part 3

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 9, 2000

Got a minute between flicks to jot some notes. New York Underground Film Festival director Ed Halter let me stay in theater between shows. He gets a big thumbs up for not being a prick!

At the Holiday earlier, I ended up chatting with cute girl at the bar next to me. She’s a writer. I gave her an Underground Film Journal sticker with our slogan: A GOOD PLACE TO GO F**K YOURSELF. She seemed less inclined to talk to me after I gave it to her. I told her to go to the site and email me. We’ll see.

I think I only have time to jot a review of Experimental #29.95, the short film preceding the feature. It was a 15-minute abstract history of video art. I could appreciate its aesthetics, but I wasn’t too enthralled with it. That is until it gave a website address to buy bootleg copies of video art that sold for thousands of dollars in art galleries. I’ll have to check it out at work tomorrow to see if they’re for real. (note: they are for real and the site is hilarious – www.rtmark.com)

My Holiday rum & cokes have gone to my head. I feel nasty.

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