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2007 10 Or Less Film Festival: Call For Entries

By Mike Everleth ⋅ January 19, 2007

Formerly known as the Portland International Short Short Film Festival, or PISS Fest for short, they’ve changed up their name to the 10 Or Less Film Festival. Guess what they show? That’s right, films that are 10 minutes or less in length. So, if you have one of those please submit via the Without a Box website. Here are the deadlines:

Regular deadline:
June 14, 2007 (Entry Fee: $20)

Late deadline:
June 30, 2007 (Entry Fee: $40)

And if you don’t have a short film to submit yet, hey you still got a lot of time to make one. It’s only 10 minutes, come on, go for it.

Last year’s festival was held Oct. 19-21 and I totally meant to cover it, but well, I didn’t. (Sorry.) You can find last year’s lineup of films here. They also gave out a couple of awards, which were:

Best in the Fest Award:
GFM – Copy Remix, dirs. Alec Cohen, Uli Beutter

Special Jury Awards:
81-Year-Old Sweethearts, dir. Danielle Lurie
Minutiae, dir. Jason Jakaitis
Pillow Girl, dir. Ronnie Cramer

Audience Favorite Awards:
Rose City Rumble, dir. Cristin Norine, Zach Elliott Krosner
Mime Massacre, dir. Colin Decker
Room to Breathe, dir. Steven L. Johnson

Next year’s fest will be held Oct. 18-20 at the historic Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. And what they’re looking for is:

original short films that buck the trends of mainstream cinema, and use the medium of the short film to their advantage. Types of film in screenings past have included offbeat documentaries, super-short Super 8’s, hand-drawn and computer animation, experimental films, music videos, and traditional narratives.

More information can be found at the 10 Or Less Film Festival website.