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There’s one thing I almost enjoy more than watching underground films and that’s going to vote. The new fad these days seems to be early voting and absentee voting, but I can’t do that. Call me sick in the head, but I love going to the polling place on Election Day and, as we do in L.A., poke a little piece of paper with a black pen. The only disappointing thing this year is that since I’m currently unemployed I can’t walk around with a little “I Voted” sticker. I mean, I could wear it while sitting in my apartment looking over job boards, but that might make me more depressed than happy.

Anyway, I was going to try to put up a funny, weird and/or goofy election video, but my brain’s not working right and I can’t find one. So, instead I’m putting up Jibz Cameron‘s “I Can’t Wait” music video because that’s how I feel about voting. You are probably reading this after I’ve voted, but as I’m typing this: I can’t wait! Plus, this video just cracks me up.

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  • Mike, I could not agree with you more about Election Day. This morning, I got up early to be at the polling station by 7:00. I had to drive along Mulholland to get to the firehouse where I vote, so I could see the mist was rolling around on the hills and everything was damp from rain. It was just a perfect morning and everyone in line at the poll seemed to be so happy to be there. I would not have missed it for the world. I always wait for Election Day to vote. It just makes me feel like I’m playing in the Super Bowl.

    By the way, I made a little ad for Obama a couple of weeks ago. I had never thought to make a film in this manner before. But then, as I was walking some streets in Baltimore, I noticed this old building with a sign on it.

    It’s here: http://www.camouflagelenses.com/2008/10/video-for-barack-obama.html

    Best regards.

  • Yes, I think when one makes a political video one has to understand that it always chooses a side and won’t be appropriate to play everywhere. But it is very interesting to work within the 30-second time frame. I now have more respect for ad agencies that make 30-second spots. I found it almost impossible to get what I wanted in under the time limit. But it’s a good discipline to try.

  • Voting went well today. We got to our polling place a little later than we wanted, but at least the rain had stopped and the air was clean. The whole process took about an hour. Luckily, we could just walk a couple blocks to get there.

    I thought about putting up your video, but I didn’t want to post anything explicit about either candidate. The Underground Film Journal used to be full of political ramblings by me and I don’t want that anymore tho’ I’m a pretty political person. But more people should get involved in making videos like yours.

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