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Wolstencroft Pays Fine

Richard Wolstencroft, founder and director of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival, announced on Twitter and Facebook that he has paid the $750 fine he was charged for screening a banned movie in Australia last year at his fest. The money has been donated to the Royal Children’s Hospital.

The banned movie was Bruce LaBruce’s LA Zombie, a hardcore gay zombie movie, which was not approved by Australia’s Office of Film and Literature Classification. All films screening at a film festival Down Under must be approved by the OFLC.

In defiance of the unfair censorship, Wolstencroft screened the film anyway and was subsequently served with a Diversion Notice for doing so. A Diversion Notice is typically given by the court to a first time offender so that he can avoid a felony charge. Read more about this case here.

But, the lesson in all this is clear: Screen a gay zombie sex film and the children win.

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