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Underground Film Links: April 17, 2010

By Mike Everleth ⋅ April 18, 2010

First, I know I’m probably setting myself up for disaster by putting up an Underground Film Links post three Sundays in a row. There’s going to come a Sunday — I predict at some point — when I don’t have time to do this, people will come expecting a links post and … nothing. And they will be mad and disappointed. But, until that day, here’ some more links for you, including a few I forgot to post last week:

  1. Mike Plante of Cinemad fame has created a Google map pinpointing all of the microcinemas and oddball screening locations he knows of from around the world. There’s a few on there I need to add to the Underground Film Journal’s own theater, non-map list. And if you have a location that you want added, you can contact Plante at Cinemad.
  2. I meant to do a full post on this bit o’ news, but never got the time. So, in case you missed it, the B-Side Festival Genius software, which many underground and indie film festivals use and love, has ended up at IFP.
  3. This is more awesome news: One of the Underground Film Journal’s fave directors, John R. Hand, has announced he’s working on his third feature film, The Synthetic Man. Love the title already. Meanwhile, his previous film Scars of Youth will finally have it’s long-awaited world premiere in Vegas in May.
  4. Another announcement: Andrew Rosinski of DINCA notes that he’s been invited to participate at the Auteur’s Garage, a new project from the film website. He’s uploaded the first of, hopefully, many short films there, Technislov Trashablon.
  5. Arab-American filmmaker Usama Alshaibi announces his next film project: The documentary American Arab. And you can help support it! Go read for details.
  6. Jonas Mekas documents his visit to a Paul Sharits installation at the Greene Naftali Gallery. If I could embed this video I would, but I can’t, so go watch it there. And if I lived in NYC, I would so go visit this cuz it looks way cool.
  7. In Stan Brakhage news: Jacob W. reprints a passage by the filmmaker about collaborating with composer Philip Corner for his film Passage Through: A Ritual. And DINCA has an audio interview between Stan and Pauline Kael.
  8. Bob Moricz is still chugging along and blogging about the first Friday the 13th film he saw in the theater: Part V: A New Beginning, featuring the non-Jason Jason. What a let-down that film was, but Bob has convinced me to check it out again. Then, surprisingly, Moricz also checks out Bergman’s Cries and Whispers.
  9. Bill Plympton blogs about his trip to the Monstra Animation Festival in Lisbao. Ah, the life of an animator! Plus, he reviews the animated film Planet 51 and is way kinder than I expected him to be.
  10. Reviews of Jennifer M. Kroot’s documentary It Came From Kuchar! continue to flood in fast and furiously. Here are some more at: Tiny Mix Tapes, East Bay Express and NewCity Film.
  11. Rhizome goes into great detail over Shana Moulton’s video-art-slash-performance piece Whispering Pines.
  12. Canadian filmmaker Mike Rollo professes his admiration for Ukranian filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa, whose latest film, You, My Joy, will screen at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival.
  13. Lastly, the impossibly funky Mike White recounts his strange trip driving from Detroit to Philadelphia to catch a rare screening of the late Timothy Carey‘s Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena, which sounds like a singularly unique experience — to put it mildly.

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