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Troma Releases Dennis Woodruff Compilation DVD

Dennis Woodruff Collection Vol. 1 DVD cover

If you’ve spent any time on the sidewalks of Hollywood, California, you’re more than likely to have been confronted by the world’s greatest struggling actor Dennis Woodruff to buy one of his DVDs. But now, people all over the world have the opportunity to experience Mr. Woodruff’s films because Troma Entertainment has released a compilation of three of his films — Spaceman, L.A. and Obsession: Letters to David Lynch — called the Dennis Woodruff Collection, Vol. 1.

An aggressive pitchman, Woodruff has been selling copies of his mini-masterworks himself out of his fleet of bizarrely decorated “art cars” all over Hollywood. Although he mostly bills himself as a struggling actor just looking for an honest gig, Woodruff also actually makes his own low-budget films that he stars in himself.

Spaceman is an epic sci-fi adventure about an alien (Woodruff) who comes to Hollywood to find a way to save his dying planet. L.A. is the tragic tale of a disgraced Hollywood producer (Woodruff) battling a drug and alcohol addiction. And Obsession: Letters to David Lynch is a documentary about Woodruff’s quest to get hired as an actor in Lynch’s next feature film.

The Dennis Woodruff Collection, Vol. 1 is currently available on Amazon.

Watch the trailer for Spaceman:

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  • Hi my name is Dennis. My movies took me many years to learn my craft. My new DVD collection is called


    If you are a David Lynch fan its a must see movie about an innocent actor who stalks David Lynch. You could call the character crazy, you could call him in search of his big break. But the whole movie will keep you laughing till the end. The surprise ending will blow your mind. SPACEMAN is a movie I also wrote, directed, produced and starred in. Filled with many hillarious characters. These 3 are considered to be best independent films on the market. Now you can order them on Amazon.com, Troma.com, Tlacult.com, and denniswoodruffshow.com. LA is based partly on the story of Robert Evans and Robert Downy Jr. Its about the most famous movie producer of B-movies madeup of all time who gets kicked out of the studios for womanizing, drug use and his antics. Please by the full DVD collection and more will follow. I appreciate your supports and its taken me 23 years to get to this place to sell my movies in stores and around the world.
    Please show your support by buying my movies.

    Thank you,
    Dennis Woodruff
    PS. If you’d like an 8 x 10 photo please send $5 to:

    Dennis Woodruff Fan Club Worldwide
    7712 West Norton Ave.
    West Hollywood, CA 90046

    Be sure and Google search my name and see my images on Google search. Thank you. Email rad7@ktb.net

  • I bought the Dennis Woodruff Collection and loved them all but my favorite is Obsession Letters to David Lynch. I kind of pictured Mr. Lynch to be like that in real life, the way he chops you in up in pieces and makes you into a work of art with maggots crawling all over you is unbelievable. Don’t forget Spacmen, it’s incredible that you captured real UFO’s and alien creatures from outer space. They are extremely creepy and intriguing. In L.A. I like the fact that Cliff Rockwell flips out on acid and becomes this totally twisted character throughout the movie. Was this made about Robert Downey Jr? What a hilarious movie. I bought you collection off of Amazon.com. I recommend other cinema fans to buy it. The first time I tried to buy it was actually sold out. I also found the collection on Google search images. I just found out Reality-Entertainment is distributing your new horror film called, Cold Creepy Feeling. I saw the trailer on coldcreepyfeeling.com .One other thing Dennis, I went to your main website and bought some of you other website and really liked them. Denniswoodruffshow.com After ordering them, they came within 3 days, I was really glad. I counted you have over 191 videos on 3 channels YouTube, Dennis woodruff, Dennis Woodruff show and lastly Movietrailertrashmen. Are you making a remake of The Blob? Keep up the good work! Best, Gwen Summers, Actor