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Stephanie Barber

Stephanie Barber is an American experimental filmmaker, multimedia performance artist and a writer. Her films frequently mix very static shots — either filmed by herself or found photographs — with narration and/or writing directly on the frame that force the viewer to make connections between the images being shown and the stories being told.

She has also written books of poetry, experimental essays and other pieces.

Find out more about the filmmaker at her official website.


Meaning and Derision (2011)
Jhana and the Rats of James Olds Or 31 Days/31 Videos (2011)
Bust Chance (2010)
The the Horse Dream of Arms (2010)
Razor’s Edge (2010) (with Xavier Leplae)
The Hunch That Caused the Winning Streak and Fought the Doldrums Mightily (2010)
In the Jungle (2009)
Warstory (2008)
The Inversion, Transcription, Evening Track and Attractor (2008)
The Visit and the Play (2008)
A Tiger and an Island (2007)
Dwarfs the Sea (2007)
Catalog (2005)
Total Power Dead, Dead, Dead (2005)
City at Heart (2003)
The End of the World (2001)
France Vs. Spain (2001)
Dogs (2000)
Letters, Notes (2000)
Mary Worth (1999)
Pornfilm (1999)
I Began By Walking Into Rooms (1999)
Metronome (1998)
Shipfilm (1998)
These Horizon (1997)
They Invented Machines (1997)
A Little Present (1997)
Flower, the Boy, the Librarian (1996)
It Fell Possum (1996)
Salamander O’Dictus (1996)
Angus Mustang (1995)
Woman Stabbed to Death (1995)
Safe (1994)
Corner Work (1993)
Dearest Ludwig (1993)
Derivatives (1992)
Infern (1991)


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