Underground Film Journal

Sabine Gruffat

Sabine Gruffat is an American experimental filmmaker and media artist based in Madison, Wisconsin who explores issues of digital language and communication. She is also a photographer, creates mobile applications and does live electronic performances, particularly in collaboration with filmmaker Bill Brown. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of Digital Media at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.


Echoecho (2011)
Rawhide (Karaoke) (2008)
Head Lines: Hybrid Films (2007)
The Expeditionists (2007)
Michoacan: La Muerta, Michoacan: El Traidor (2006)
In The Shadow of Your Diamond Castle (2006)
Battle Impressions (2005)
To The South Was 72 (2005)
And So Sings Our Mechanical Bride (2005)
The Ataraxians (2004)
Out Of Space (2004)
Supergirl (2003)
Wake (2003)