Underground Film Journal

Robert Todd

Robert Todd is an American experimental filmmaker who specializes in making short poetic film collages out of footage he continuously shoots himself. He is currently a film professor at Emerson College.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at his official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Robert Todd:


Groundplay (2009)
Spectral Cycle (2009)
Fraternity Farm (2008)
Spirit House (2008)
Creation Myth (2007)
21 Alleys (2007)
Interplay (2006)
Qualities of Stone (2006)
In Loving Memory (2005)
Rising Tide (2004)
Flowergirls (2004)
Watch: film&video (2003)
Trauma Victim (2002)
Happy Peppy Sparky Doggy (2002)
Clip (2001)
Wait (2000)
Fable: I Want the World Clean (1999)
Fisherman: A Birthday Wish (1999)
Speak: When There Are No Words (1997)
Forgotten Time (1995)
Lost Satellite (1993)
Shut Up (1992)
Radio-Therapy (1989)