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Peggy Ahwesh

Peggy Ahwesh is an American experimental filmmaker based in New York City who has worked in a wide variety of styles and mediums. Her films typically explore issues of gender and cultural identity using alternative narrative structures.

Although Ahwesh studied with and was mentored by Tony Conrad at Antioch College in the '70s, her work typically rejects structuralist concerns. Her early personal Super 8 films instead documented the punk scene in her hometown of Pittsburgh.

Ahwesh also worked as a production assistant on George A. Romero's horror anthology Creepshow and, while her own films could not be classified as "horror," much of he work exhibits nods toward the genre.

She currently teaches at Bard College.

Watch Streaming Films By Peggy Ahwesh:


Bethlehem (2009)
Warm Objects (2007)
The Third Body (2007)
Beirut Outtakes (2007)
Dedication (2006)
Certain Women (2004) (with Bobby Abate)
The Star Eaters (2003)
She Puppet (2001)
73 Suspect Words (2000)
Heaven’s Gate (2000-01)
Nocturne (1998)
the vision machine (1997)
The Fragments Project (1985–1995)
The Color of Love (1994)
The Scary Movie (1993)
Strange Weather (1993) (with Margie Strosser)
The Deadman (1990) (with Keith Sanborn)
Martina’s Playhouse (1989)
I Ride a Pony Named Flame (1988)
Philosophy in the Bedroom (1987)
Ode to the New Pre-History (1984–1987)
From Romance to Ritual (1985)
Pittsburgh Trilogy (1983)


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Short Film: Bethlehem
Interior and exterior spaces are transformed into mystical places in Peggy Ahwesh’s lyrical meditation of an experimental short film, Bethlehem.