Underground Film Journal

Paul Clipson

Paul Clipson is an American experimental filmmaker based in San Francisco. He works exclusively in Super 8mm film, although for some films he mixes Super 8mm with 16mm. His work typically focuses on dreamlike, hazy representations of specific locations.

His films are also frequently collaborations with musician/composer Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, either solo or with Cantu-Ledesma's band Tarentel. Clipson is also a fine artist and creates film/video gallery installations.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at his official website.


Union (2010)
Light From the Mesa (2010)
Chorus (2009)
Within Mirrors (2008)
Sphinx on the Seine (2008)
Bend Sinister (2007)
The Phantom Harp (2007)
Tuolumne (2007)
Echo Park (2007)
Sun Place (2007)
Corridors (2007)
Passageways (2007)
Constellations (2006)
The Lights & Perfections (2006)
Watercolor Night Montage No. 7 (2006)
Over Water (2006)
Earthlight (2006)
Two Suns (2005)
Put It on the Ground (2004)
Big Black Square (2004)
Bump Past Cut Up Through Windows (2004)