Underground Film Journal

Neil Ira Needleman

Neil Ira Needleman is an American experimental filmmaker who specializes in making short videos, many of which are faux autobiographical, real autobiographical, abstract, humorous and/or a combination of all of the above.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at his official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Neil Ira Needleman:


New Old Videotape Memories (2012)
This Is a Short Movie Because I Don’t Like to Wallow in Self Pity (2011)
My Latest Abstract Video (2011)
Dedication (2011)
Slow Fall (2011)
Prelude & ErotiLoop (2011)
ErotiLoops (2011)
My First Horror Movie (2011)
Loud Video (2011)
Loud Loop (2011)
The Good Old Days (2011)
The Adventures of Super Benji, the Boy With Stupendous Powers (2011)
Our Family’s Glorious Legacy (2010)
My First Science Fiction Movie (2010)
Forsythia Madness (2010)
Passion Colors (2010)
4 Postcards from Brazil (2010)
Film Festival Entry (2010)
Capitol Symmetry (2010)
Lighthouse Polka (2010)
Two Journeys (2009)
Cellular Activity: Respect for Red and Green (2009)
Meeskeit (2009)
Twilight Time-Lapse Concert for George Ives (2009)
This Video Has Been Removed (2009)
What’s Really Behind Sarah Palin’s Sudden Resignation? (2009)
Heritage Chutzpah (2009)
Some Playful Patterns I’ve Been Thinking About Recently (2009)
Still Screen 3 (2009)
Attention Deficit Video (2008)
What Is Viral Video? (2008)
Chinese Wedding Dancer (2008)
Corner Delancey (2008)
Postcard From Harbin (2008)
I Know Who Really Sent the Anthrax Letters (2008)
Meditation (2007)
Last Request (2007)
My First (Censored) Porn Movie (2007)
Secret Zionist Conspiracies Throughout History That You Should Know About Because You May Be Next!!!!! (2007)
Ladybug Loop(s) (2007)
(a)(de)scending ladybug (2007)
Light ‘n Natural (2007)
Real-Life Documentary: A real-life documentary (2007)
Cellular Activity: A Few Seconds at The Studio (2007)
Recent Narrated Videos (2007)
Identity Theft (2007)
Visions of Wasted Time (2007)
Corporate Art Policy (2007)
Infinity Fragment 2 (2006)
The Sheva Brucha (2006)
Reflections on My Sister (2006)
Between Blinks 4 (2006)
Cellular Activity: TANZ! (2006)
Stamford Storefront Loop (2006)
Infinity Fragment fragment (2006)
We Desperately Need More Americans Like My Late Uncle Mack (2006)
What I saw on October 32, 1988 (2006)
Window Parade (2006)
Ceiling Web (2006)
Look Who’s Looking (2006)
Rubber Bands: A work from the Unfocused series (2006)
Uncle Hyman Cleans Up (2006)
A Trip to Prague (2006)
Still Screen 1 (2006)
Still Screen 2 (2006)
Speaking of Yiddish: A memoir about Yiddish-induced paranoia (2006)
Fun in Bed With Tanya (2005)
Thanksgiving Loop (2005)
No Signal: A dirty movie for cheap bastards like me who are too cheap to pay for premium cable channels (2005)
Ayler Vibrato Vortex (2005)
Dell Hell: My Battle with Dell as the World Went to Hell (2005)
Cellular Activity: BECHET VIBRATO FRAGMENTS (2005)
Infinity Fragment 1 (2005)
Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn (2004)
My First Film Noir (2004)
Consenting Adults (2004)
Cellular Activity: SPLIT SCREEN (2004)
Between Blinks 2 (2004)
Cellular Activity: ANIMATION (2004)
Reasonable Explanations (2003)
Two Survivors (2003)
Cellular Activity: TAKING FLIGHT (2003) (revised 2009)
Between Blinks 1 (2003)
Wedding Nigun for Boruch & Menucha (2002)
Latest Memories (2002)
UNFOCUSED: A Found-Footage Video Series (2002)
Famous Again (1994)
Red Ribbons (1992)