Underground Film Journal

Moira Tierney

Moira Tierney is an Irish experimental filmmaker who has studied at University College Dublin and l’Ecole Nationale d’Arts de Cergy-Paris. In 1998, she was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the Anthology Film Archives at which time she moved to NYC.

Learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.


Are We There Yet? (2010)
Nouakchott Rocks (2010)
Lucha Libre (2009)
Live Action New York (2009)
Habibi (2008)
Hope’s Voice (2006)
Matilda Tone (2005)
Circus (2003)
Radio Haiti (2001)
Morzh/Walrus (2001)
Tiger Me Bollix (2000)
You Can’t Keep a Good Snake Down (2000)
Ride City (1999)