Underground Film Journal

Mike Olenick

Mike Olenick is an American underground filmmaker who specializes in both re-mixing Hollywood movies into experimental narratives and making totally original work.

Olenick's original psychosexual thriller Red Luck won the Best Looking Film Award at the 2014 Chicago Underground Film Festival.

He is also a photographer and installation artist.


Red Luck (2014)
All the Memory in the World (2013)
Déjà Vu de Jour (2012)
Spaceboy (2009)
Playing Alive (2007)
For a Blonde… For a Brunette… For Someone… For Her… For You… (2005)
Rabid (2005)
Strangers on a Train (2004)
The Son of Samsonite (2002)
B R E A T H L E S S (2000)
2001 for 2001 (2000)
Heston Quake (2000)
Psycho 2000 (2000)
Heston of the Apes (2000)
Invasion of the Living Dead (1999)