Mike Davis


Filmmaker Mike Davis And The Girl
Filmmaker Mike Davis (Sex Galaxy and President Wolfman) poses with his white cat, The Girl.
Streaming: Sex Galaxy
Using just public domain and stock footage, this lusty sci-fi adventure flings a crew of lonely astronauts towards a planet of insatiable women.
InFEST Underground: President Wolfman
Oct. 19: The InFEST Underground screening series presents Mike Davis’ howlingly hysterical horror comedy President Wolfman about a POTUS lycanthrope
President Wolfman
With President Wolfman, filmmaker Mike Davis has proven that his “Green” moviemaking technique of using public domain footage can make one hell of a uniquely original new film.
2012 Spooky Movie Film Festival: Official Lineup
The 7th annual Spooky Movie International Horror Film Festival is an epic event screening new films by Mike Davis, James Eaves, Richard Bates Jr. and tons more.
2012 Sydney Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup
The 6th annual Sydney Underground Film Festival features the world premiere of Mike Davis’ President Wolfman, films by Guy Maddin, Bob Ray, Greg Hanson and tons more.
Movie Trailer: President Wolfman
During this year’s rough presidential election season, we finally have a candidate we can get behind! President Wolfman!
7 Underground Comedies On Amazon VOD
Looking for a cheap laugh? Then these flicks on Amazon Video on Demand should soothe your craving: Sex Galaxy, Gamers, Hey Happy! and more.
Stag Films Will Finish Your Unfinished Movie
Stag Films, the Los Angeles-based indie film production company, is looking to help struggling filmmakers finally finish their movies — for free.
On DVD: Sex Galaxy
Now you can get Mike Davis’ raunchy, recycled sci-fi flick Sex Galaxy on DVD, which mixed hilarious vulgar comedy with real wit and style.