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Kerry Laitala

Kerry Laitala is an experimental filmmaker based in San Francisco who specializes in working with found objects and manipulating film stock by hand. Her work also usually references cinema history, either re-purposing older films or conjuring up new visions using outdated technology, such as hand-cranked projection.

Many of the films she projects involve live, direct manipulation of the projected images by herself and combine elements of installation artwork and expanded cinema performances.

She currently teaches filmmaking at the San Francisco Art Institute where she also received her own Master's Degree in film.

Learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.


Encapsulated Memory (2011)
Conjuror’s Box (2011)
Ebb & Flow (2010)
Legerdemain (2010)
Coming Attractions (2009)
Spectrology (2009)
Phantogram (2009)
Muse of Cinema (2006)
Orbit (2006)
Torchlight Tango (2005)
Terra Firma (2005)
Transfixed (2005)
Out of the Ether (2003)
Black Bile (2002)
Journey Into the Unknown (2002)
Hallowed (2002)
The Adventure Parade (2000)
Awake, But Dreaming (2000)
Conquered (2000)
The Escapades of Madame X (2000) (with Isabel Reichert)
Uncle Ernie’s Home Movie (2000)
Highway 101 (1998)
The Wood Nymphs (1998)
Retrospectroscope (1997)
Secure the Shadow… “Ere the Substance Fade (1997)
Test (1997)
Tidalwave (1992)
Stag Party Movie (1991)
Procession (1989)
Victrola (1988)


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