Underground Film Journal

Julie Murray

Julie Murray was born in Dublin where she began her artistic career as a painter and photographer. Upon moving to NYC in 1985, she took up experimental filmmaking as well. Her films frequently combine found and original footage to create altered realities.


Elements (2008)
Detroit Park (2006)
Orchard (2004)
Deliqium (2003)
I Began to Wish (2003)
Micromoth (2000)
If You Stand With Your Back to the Slowing of the Speed of Light in Water (1999)
Anathema (1995)
A Legend of Parts (1990)
Tr’Cheot’My P’y (1988)
FF (1986)


Robert Beck Memorial Cinema: 1998 Screenings
This is Part Two in a series of articles on the Robert Beck Memorial Cinema (RBMC). As detailed in Part One, the RBMC was an experimental film screening series in New York City, started by filmmaker Brian L. Frye. Frye programmed the first screening on May 12, 1998 at the Collective Unconscious theater space. The