Underground Film Journal

Jesse McLean

Jesse McLean is an American experimental filmmaker based in Chicago, Illinois. She works primarily with found footage to explore the relationship between viewer and subject. Her films ask her audience to see themselves as active participants in the media they consume and not just as passive voyeurs.

She has also created gallery installations that combine still and moving images.

Learn more about this filmmaker at her official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Jesse McLean:


Trust Falls (2011)
Remote (2011)
Lose Yourself (remix) (2011)
Magic for Beginners (2010)
Relations (2010)
The Burning Blue (2009)
Somewhere only we know (2009)
Creep (2009)
Clone (2009)
Magic Wand (2009)
Marching Ants (2009)
Climbing (2009)
The Eternal Quarter Inch (2008)
Crisis (2006)