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Jaimz Asmundson

Jaimz Asmundson is a Canadian underground filmmaker based in Winnipeg who works in a variety of styles, from transgressive narrative to experimental magick to original music videos and more. He is also heavily involved in the Winnipeg film scene, having worked for the WNDX Festival of Film & Video Art, teaching classes at the Winnipeg Film Group and serving a variety of roles on the productions of other Winnipeg-based filmmakers.

You can learn more about this filmmaker at his official website.

Watch Streaming Films By Jaimz Asmundson:


Echoes (2014)
The Magus (2011)
Kanye West Apologizes to George W. Bush (2011)
Do The Blubb! (2010)
Goths! On The Bus! (2010)
The Phantom of the Cinematheque (2008)
Kanashibara (2007)
Drawing Genesis (2006)
Blow Me (2005)
Liquid Lunch (2004)
Carpet Cleaners (2002)
The Attack of the 50 Foot Chihuahuas From Outer Space! (1999)


Short Film: The Magus

The Magus, directed by Winnipeg filmmaker Jaimz Asmundson and starring his father C. Graham Asmundson, is one of the most original, imaginative and visually innovative short films of the last several years.

2011 Movie Of The Year: Profane

The Underground Film Journal’s 2011 Movie of the Year pick is Usama Alshaibi’s Profane, a spectacular triumph of uncompromising vision, extreme daring and intimate personal expression.