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Ernie Gehr


Idiolects #1 (June to August 1976)
In 1976, a crudely published fanzine devoted to the experimental film scene made its debut. It was called Idiolects and the first issue offered a definition of its name: “An idiolect is the language of an individual at a particular time.” That definition certainly could be applied to both the filmmakers covered in the zine
Happy 68th Birthday, Ernie Gehr
Ernie Gehr, one of the pioneers of the structuralist film movement, was born today, July 20, in 1943. Gehr began making films in 1968 with the two films Wait and Morning, and is still currently making films with his most recent being Waterfront Follies (2008) and Hurry Up Henrietta (2009). In 1990, he was honored