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Craig Baldwin

Craig Baldwin is an American experimental filmmaker based in San Francisco. He is the pioneer of a technique he has dubbed "Collage Narrative," which is the telling of a fictional narrative story in film through the sole or majority use of footage clipped from other movies and TV shows.

Baldwin's most famous collage narratives are Tribulation 99, Spectres of the Spectrum and the epic Mock Up on Mu. He learned about the potential of collage filmmaking from Bruce Conner.

Baldwin is also a leading figure on the San Francisco film scene, helping to create the weekly Other Cinema screening series, which was then spun into a DVD distribution label, Other Cinema DVD that releases both Baldwin's films, as well as the work of many other experimental filmmakers.


Mock Up on Mu (2008)
Spectres of the Spectrum (1999)
Sonic Outlaws (1995)
¡O Coronado! (1992)
Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Under America (1991)
RocketKitCongoKit (1986)
Wild Gunman (1978)
Flick Skin (1977)
Stolen Movie (1976)


Robert Beck Memorial Cinema: The Secret Origin
New York City has a rich history of short-lived, unorthodox screening venues and societies that have buoyed the underground film movement along from its beginning. For some examples, in the 1960s, there was Jonas Mekas‘s Film-makers’ Cinematheque; while the late ’70s had Eric Mitchell and James Nares’s New Cinema. In 1998, Brian L. Frye was