Christopher Folino

Christopher Folino is an American comedy director. He also produces and directs promotional material for video games and wrote the comic book Sparks, created by actor William Katt (The Greatest American Hero). Folino's feature-length film Gamers won the Best Screenplay Award at the 2006 Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

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Sparks (2014)
Gamers (2006)


Streaming: Sparks
In this ambitious period film, a young superhero joins a covert team of masked vigilantes to bring justice to a crime-ridden city only to be framed for a murder for which he must go to extreme lengths to clear his name.
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See pictures of the filmmaker Christopher Folino and stars Ashley Bell, Clint Howard and William Katt of the excellent period indie superhero movie, Sparks.
Streaming: Gamers
Four lifelong friends and one wannabe who, as a group, attempt to set the record for playing the most hours of the fantasy role-playing game “Demons, Nymphs and Dragons.”
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Christopher Folino reports that he’s signed Circus Road Films to help represent his film Gamers, about dorky role-playing game fanatics, to distributors.
Gamers: Available In Comic Stores
Christopher Folino reports that his self-released mockumentary Gamers has been picked up Diamond distributors so the film can be sold in comic book stores.
The most shocking thing about Christopher Folino’s comedy, Gamers is Finding out that there are people who still play Dungeons & Dragons.
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