Underground Film Journal

Christine Lucy Latimer

Christine Lucy Latimer is an experimental filmmaker currently based in Toronto, Canada. She primarily acquires found footage that she processes through outdated analog technologies, as well as modern technologies, in order to create abstract visual works.

Watch Streaming Films By Christine Lucy Latimer:


Jane’s Birthday (2013)
Lines Postfixal (2013)
Nationtime (2013)
Camera Roll (By Car, by Train) (2011)
The Magik Iffektor (2011)
The Pool (2011)
Fruit Flies (2010)
Format (2010)
Focus (2009)
Just Beyond the Screen: The Universe, As We Know It, Is Ending (2009)
Over {Past:Future} Sight (2008)
Cartridge To Be Destroyed (2004)
Inutilis (2004)
Mosaic (2003)