Underground Film Journal

Bruce Baillie

Bruce Baillie is a pioneer of the American underground film movement as both an experimental filmmaker and co-founding one of the most important institutions in the underground filmmaking scene.

Although born in South Dakota in 1931, Baillie is mostly associated with the San Francisco underground film scene that he helped to formally organize in the 1960s. With fellow filmmaker Chick Strand, Baillie threw a regular backyard screening series that eventually morphed into the distributor Canyon Cinema and the San Francisco Cinematheque.

Baillie's own films are typically experimental documentaries and serve as portraits of people or places that also sometimes combine elements of lyrical fantasy and/or poetic constructs. Several of his earliest films were also conceived and executed as documentary "news items" to be distributed by Canyon Cinema.

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Watch Streaming Films By Bruce Baillie:


The Holy Scrolls (collection of semi-edited films spanning Baillie’s career)
Salute (1999)
Pieta (1998)
Roslyn Romance (Is It Really True?): Intro. I & II (1978)
Quick Billy (1970)
Valentin De Las Sierras (1967)
Show Leader (1966)
Port Chicago Vigil (1966)
Termination (1966)
Still Life (1966)
All My Life (1966)
Castro Street (1966) (DVD)
Tung (1966)
Yellow Horse (1965)
Quixote (1964-65, revised 1967) (WATCH)
The Brookfield Recreation Center (1964)
Mass for the Dakota Sioux (1964)
To Parsifal (1963)
A Hurrah for Soldiers (1962-63)
Here I Am (1962)
Have You Thought of Talking to the Director? (1962)
News #3 (1962)
Everyman (1962)
Friend Fleeing (1962, unfinished)
The Gymnasts (1961)
Mr. Hayashi (1961)
David Lynn’s Sculpture (1961, unfinished)
On Sundays (1960-61)