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Anybody’s Woman — Bette Gordon
Anybody’s Woman by Bette Gordon (1981) Starring Nancy Reilly and Spalding Gray In the 1970s, filmmaker Bette Gordon was associated with the Structuralist style of experimental filmmaking. For example, there is a review in the first issue of Idiolects of a screening event she shared with James Benning at the Millennium Film Workshop on June
Idiolects #2 (August to November 1976)
This is an article about the second issue of the avant-garde arts zine Idiolects. An article on the first issue can be read here. For a small publication with no advertising to support it, publishing on a quarterly basis was an ambitious and impressive achievement for Idiolects. This second issue covers avant-garde happenings in New
Idiolects #1 (June to August 1976)
In 1976, a crudely published fanzine devoted to the experimental film scene made its debut. It was called Idiolects and the first issue offered a definition of its name: “An idiolect is the language of an individual at a particular time.” That definition certainly could be applied to both the filmmakers covered in the zine