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2006 Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival: Call for Entries

Ok, this is a tough one. I just found out about the Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival, yet their website is entirely in Spanish, which I don’t speak, and also entirely in Flash so I can’t even run a rough Babelfish translation of the site. Therefore I can’t find out anything about it really.

However, on this site and on this one they seem to say that there is a call for entries with a deadline of September 25th. If I’m mistaken, my apologies. And I can at least figure out that the festival runs this year Oct. 18-22. I assume you need to speak Spanish to enter, or be able to read it and find their submission guidelines. Warning: If you go to the RMUFF site, it’s got some heavy duty Flash that’s really slowing down my computer.

And if you want to find out about the Mayan Riviera, you can visit the area’s tourist website.

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  • Announcement

    Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival wants to invite the filmmakers to register in this contest theirs short films made during 2003 until the end of this convocation, which will be on effect since June 5 through September 25, 2006.
    It is important to mention that there will be a pre-selection from all the material we had received. Not all of the films will be on the contest. However, we count with another alternative places like bars, malls, discotheques, etc, where these could be exhibit.

    Rules to participate in the Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival (RUMFF)

    – The period of this announcement goes through June 5 until September 25, 2006.
    – There is no fee to participate.
    – The film must have a minimums limit of time of 2 minutes with maximums of 25 minutes.
    – The format and the technique are free.
    – To have the right to participate, the filmmakers have to fill one application for each film they are sending, and attached with this all the documentation require. If the information is not completed,
    the short film automatically would be disqualified.
    – Two copies of each film would be sent. The short film must be in its original language with subtitles in Spanish; one in DVD with format NTSC and the other in mini DV. The first one is for the archives and the second one is to exhibit on the Festival. Both copies must have the name of the short film.
    – The copies we received there would not be returned.
    – Al the films that are participating in the RUMFF may be exhibit for
    promoting, publishing or marketing to this event.
    – The application and all the requisites must be sent to:

    Riviera Maya Underground Film Festival
    Calle Mazamita # 256 Manzana 13 Lote 33
    Supermanzana 50 Benito Juárez
    Cancún, Quintana Roo
    México C.P. 7533