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Movie Review: Waiting For NESARA

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Drawing of Jesus flying a spaceship

Ever since those planes flew into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and crashed in that Pennsylvania field on 9/11/2001, there have been a kajillion conspiracy theories floating around. For example: How was the government able to release photographs and profiles of all 19 highjackers seemingly minutes after the attacks? If a plane really hit the Pentagon, where are the pictures of the plane parts? Did the entire plane distintigrate on contact? Finally, if the passengers of Flight 93 caused the plane to crash, why wasn’t the debris spread over several miles instead of compacted in one tiny little area like it was, as if shot out of the sky by a missile?

Yeah, we’ve all heard them. But here’s one you may not have heard before:

The 9/11 attacks were engineered by President George W. Bush. To cover up the fact that he’s really a space alien.

Ok, this may sound like the set-up for a joke or a fictional film. But it’s not. Waiting for NESARA is a real documentary, not a fake mockumentary, about a group in Utah called — of all things — the Open Mind Forum that believes that the president is a space alien who engineered the 9/11 attacks and the Iraq war to prevent a “secret” law from being passed, called NESARA: The Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act.

Actually, this law — according to the legend — was already passed during the last days of the Clinton administration and was about to be implemented in October of 2001. Until 9/11 changed everything (as the saying goes). Once NESARA goes into effect, the entire federal government will be abolished and the IRS will be demolished. Then Jesus is going to come down in a spaceship and save us all. And if you think it’s strange that Jesus might need a spaceship, well it’s just easier for him to travel through space like that.

I enjoy a good conspiracy theory, in fact I love a good one. NESARA is a great one, combining random elements from Illuminati theories, convoluted alien overlord tales, creatures disguised as humans, evil government conjecture, shadowy cult sub-groups and the Second Coming. Indeed, the story of NESARA may be the most perfect conspiracy theory ever created.

NESARA did not start with the Open Mind Forum, they’re just a group of followers. The film is deliberately vague about who actually started this wild conspiracy theory. Although the Open Minders do get regular Internet updates from somebody called the “Dove of Oneness,” it’s assumed the Dove didn’t start it either. The “Dove” is obviously someone who is perpetuating and expanding this scam, again for what ultimate purpose we don’t know. Well, I say “obviously” to the sane and rational. The Open Minders haven’t figured this out yet, and probably never will.

Like the Godot the film’s title alludes to, NESARA never actually arrives (of course) and it’s something of a red herring. While the film slowly rolls out the full story of NESARA, the movie’s point isn’t the actual details of the conspiracy. The movie asks the bigger question of how and why do people get involved in cults.

The majority of the members of the Open Mind Forum, at least the ones interviewed, are former Mormon cultists. I’m not talking about the more mainstream Mormon religion, but the oddball sects that splintered off from the main group and still practice polygamy. For a good explanation of the differences between the main Mormon organization and the sects, I highly recommend the book Under the Banner of Heaven by Jon Krakaeur.

For whatever reasons, the Open Minders have been excommunicated from their sects, meaning that all their friends and family in those sects can no longer associate with them. Thrown out of their heavily insular and insulated Mormon groups, the Open Minders are grasping for something and anything else to believe in. How they can make the leap to believing that Bush is a reptilian space alien and Jesus flies around in a spaceship is unknown. Director Zeb Haradon doesn’t judge the Open Minders and the connection between cultish behaviors is never actually discussed even though it’s a fairly large and clear subtext. Waiting for NESARA drops the audience into the middle of an Open Mind Forum meeting and lets them figure out who the group is and why it believes what it does for themselves. Hell, there’s probably some people who will watch the film and come away with a deep belief in NESARA.

I don’t really want to judge the Open Minders myself, but it was hard to watch the film and not do that. I just can’t fathom how seemingly rational people can believe such stupid shit. Part of it actually made me mad in how they would spread ridiculous stories about alien spaceships abducting our troops on the Iraq battlefield and lazer beams destroying the missles flying into Baghdad before they hit the ground. People are dying in this war and these dopes are obsessing over minutia in their stupid fantasy world.

P.S. Via the film’s official site, there have been some dramatic updates to the conspiracy since the film was made, which the site helpfully keeps up with. [UPDATE: Film website now defunct.]

Watch the Waiting for NESARA movie trailer:

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  • Icarus says:

    Those Nesara folks are buffoons. Their obsession with Bush’s supposed extraterrestrial provenance is a shame given the much more alarming Lionel Richie connection. That’s right, no serious study of the War in Iraq can be complete without a good hard look at the facts of Lionel’s CIA-influenced popularity in the country. Obviously, the US-friendly gov’t should be run by the Chic Sheik.

  • snooziums says:


    I noticed that you have a site about NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act).

    I was wondering why you do not mention Suzanne Ward, the writer of the Matthew Books (http://www.matthewbooks.com)? Her fourth book, “Voices of the Universe” (ISBN: 0-9717875-4-9) has an entire chapter on NESARA. WIthin that chapter, she references the character “Dove of Oneness” (Shaini Goodwin) several times (Suzy appears to be supporting her message). There is also a reference to http://www.nesara.us at the end of the chapter. The Matthew Books, including thus one, are fairly well known, and have been translated into many different languages around the world.

    A basic summary of the chapter (I cannot retype it for copyright reasons) is that NESARA was developed by “extraterrestrial” “light beings” for increasing spirituality on Earth, that the work of “Dove” is credible, and that the “Illuminati” is working to stop this, with help from “dark” “extraterrestrial” beings. Suzy also states that the actions of September 11, 2001 is an internal act of the US government (but that is talked about from other supporters of NESARA as well). She closes by saying that NESARA is part of the planet increasing to a “higher light density.”

    There is a “Special NESARA Edition” on her site at: http://www.matthewbooks.com/mm/anmviewer.asp?a=61&z=2 Doing a quick search will find more messages about it.

    In addition, there are several references to NESARA in her “Messages from Matthew” section of her site (http://www.matthewbooks.com/mattsmessage.htm).

    It would seem that given the popularity of her books and messages, and since she talks about NESARA, that you would have said something about it in your investigation.

    Anyways, just wanted to inform you. Thank you.

  • Ok so N.E.S.A.R.A is coming….. or its not coming? but then again it is…. no wait hang on?

    True or not True people need to get of their ass and realize that even if nesara is real or not, the fact is we need something to trigger a move to remove goerge bush from the white house as soon as possible. and if you think that Bush and Cheney are your friends, you must not even pick up a newspaper you TOOL! without a doubt something needs to happen to fix this world after it has been destroyed by wars for so long and run by liars who can only be described as beasts… i still cant believe people don’t know whats really going and that bush is the anti-christ!

  • James says:

    Hello ! Great stuff. Just a statement regarding the Matthew books. It made reference in the September letter the date of October 14th and “the aliens would announce and show themselves on October 14th” which has passed and gone. Maybe Suzanne Ward ought turn up her hearing aid so future communications with Matthew are “clear?”