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Kickstarter: Zach Clark’s White Reindeer

White Reindeer is the new indie film comedy by filmmaker Zach Clark that will go into production this winter and for which he’s raising production funds via Kickstarter.

This will be Clark’s third film made with his partners Daryl Pittman and Melodie Sisk following the film festival hits Modern Love Is Automatic and Vacation!, both of which are beloved here at the Underground Film Journal. Clark has a unique low-key comic approach to outrageous subject matter and situations that sounds like will be full on display once again in White Reindeer.

The film is a twisted Christmas story in which housewife Suzanne Barrington, who forms an unlikely friendship with her murdered husband’s mistress, an exotic dancer named Fantasia. And that friendship sends Suzanne down into a swirling morass of depravity and criminality from which her friends try to help her escape.

Pittman will be shooting the film on the RED camera and, although, Clark doesn’t mention it in his Kickstarter pitch, one hopes that the talented and lovely Melodie Sisk will take on one of the two main female roles.

Kickstarter pledge gifts that Clark is offering include personalized Christmas greetings from Clark, unique Christmas music mix albums, DVDs, posters and more.

The Underground Film Journal is very excited by the news of this film.

Check out Clark’s personal Kickstarter plea:

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  • Zach Clark says:

    Also, we’re selling DVDs of MODERN LOVE IS AUTOMATIC now thru the end of the Kickstarter. This is pretty much your only chance to own the movie for long, long time, maybe ever. AND we’re putting together a special version with full color cover art and a bunch of extra stuff, including deleted scenes, a mattress commercial and my hour-long-black-and-white-satan-worship-juvenile-delinquent-student-film ROCK & ROLL EULOGY. NTSC, region-free. $30, shipping to anywhere in the world included!

    Here’s a link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/whitereindeer/white-reindeer-a-new-feature-film

    The Kickstarter ends this Sunday (Oct 16th) and if we don’t raise our full goal, we get nothing and can’t make the new movie. Any help, be it in the form of a donation or a repost, is sincerely appreciated!!!


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