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Film Love: Mauricio Kagel’s Two-Man Orchestra

Feb. 18
8:00 p.m.
290 MLK Jr. Drive SE, Suite 8
Atlanta, GA 30312

Hosted by: Film Love

Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008) was a German-Argentine avant-garde composer who made films of performances of his compositions. Two-Man Orchestra (Zwei-Mann-Orchester) features two men contained within giant contraptions that contain over 250 instruments.

Completely encased in these massive machines, the performers must use every part of their body — fingers, feet, legs, heads, et. al. — to “play” their instruments. As Film Love describes, “the performers evoke everything from Charlie Chaplin to circus music to complete atonality in a virtuoso physical and musical feat.”

Zwei-Mann-Orchester (Two-Man Orchestra) (film, 1973, 71 minutes)

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