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Candy and Daddy — Anton Perich
Candy and Daddy by Anton Perich (1972) Starring: Candy Darling, Taylor Mead and Craig Vandenburgh After living as a poet and a painter in Paris, France in the mid-1960s, Croatian-born artist Anton Perich moved to New York City where he found part-time work as a busboy at the notorious hangout spot Max’s Kansas City. There,
Turn Turn Turn — Jud Yalkut
Turn Turn Turn by Jud Yalkut (1965-1966) Jud Yalkut’s main contribution to the 1960s underground film scene was his cinematic documentation of multi-media installations and performance art “happenings.” One of his earliest contributions to this field was Turn Turn Turn, completed in either 1965 or 1966. In 1965, Yalkut had joined the multimedia collective USCO,
Anybody’s Woman — Bette Gordon
Anybody’s Woman by Bette Gordon (1981) Starring Nancy Reilly and Spalding Gray In the 1970s, filmmaker Bette Gordon was associated with the Structuralist style of experimental filmmaking. For example, there is a review in the first issue of Idiolects of a screening event she shared with James Benning at the Millennium Film Workshop on June
The Last Time I Saw Ron — Leslie Thornton
The Last Time I Saw Ron by Leslie Thornton (1994). The “Ron” of The Last Time I Saw Ron is late actor Ron Vawter who passed away in 1994. Vawter was appearing in the play Philoktetes Variations at the Kaaitheater in Brussels at the time; and all images in Thornton’s film were created for the
Spectral Ascension — Paul Clipson
Spectral Ascension by Paul Clipson (2017) This film is a collaboration with experimental musician Byron Westbrook. It was filmed in 16mm with title and end credits added digitally. It appears the film had its premiere at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles on Friday, April 28, 2017 at a retrospective of Clipson’s work.
And Sometimes The Boats Are Low — Leighton Pierce
And Sometimes the Boats Are Low by Leighton Pierce (1983) As of this writing, there does not appear to be much written about this particular film by Pierce, even though there is quite a bit written about his work in general, particularly by film historian Scott MacDonald. Two known screenings of the film have been
She Had Her Gun All Ready — Vivienne Dick
She Had Her Gun All Ready By Vivienne Dick (1978). This is the second film by Vivienne Dick and the first one that included a plot and actresses playing roles. Her first film was Guerillere Talks (1978), a collection of filmed portraits of female punk musicians, including Lydia Lunch and Pat Place, both of whom
Happy 95th Birthday, Jonas Mekas!
Happy Birthday to Jonas Mekas! Who turns 95 today! From humble beginnings in a small Lithuanian town, to escaping the Nazis, to arriving in New York City in 1948 to become a champion of the cinema! At first hesitant about the then burgeoning American avant-garde, Mekas would become it’s biggest supporter: Publishing Film Culture magazine,
Remedial Reading Comprehension — George Landow
Remedial Reading Comprehension by George Landow (1971). Although P. Adams Sitney‘s Visionary Film gives a completion year of the film of 1971, an on-screen copyright notice gives the year as 1970. Most references to Remedial Reading Comprehension discuss the autobiographical nature of the film. In an article about autobiography in experimental filmmaking in The Avant-Garde
Breathdeath — Stan Vanderbeek
Breathdeath by Stan Vanderbeek (1963). At the EXPRMNTL 3 film competition at Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium in 1963, Breathdeath tied for 2nd place with Gregory Markopoulos‘s Twice a Man. Both men took home $2,000 in prize money. In An Introduction to the American Underground Film, Sheldon Renan classifies Breathdeath as a “protest film,” which was a minority