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Offon — Scott Bartlett

Offon by Scott Bartlett is considered one of the first works to combine film and video together. It was celebrated upon its release for both its technical ingenuity as much as for its artistic integrity.

Flight — Greta Snider

Flight by Greta Snider (1997). San Francisco-based filmmaker Greta Snider is primarily known for her unique spin on documentaries. At first glance, Flight may seem like a straight-up experimental film, but reading its official description by Snider shows the work’s documentary essence.

Candy and Daddy — Anton Perich

Candy and Daddy by Anton Perich (1972). Starring: Candy Darling, Taylor Mead and Craig Vandenburgh. After living as a poet and a painter in Paris, France in the mid-1960s, Croatian-born artist Anton Perich moved to New York City where he found part-time work as a busboy at the notorious hangout spot Max’s Kansas City.

Turn Turn Turn — Jud Yalkut

Turn Turn Turn by Jud Yalkut (1965-1966). Jud Yalkut’s main contribution to the 1960s underground film scene was his cinematic documentation of multi-media installations and performance art “happenings.”

And Sometimes The Boats Are Low — Leighton Pierce

And Sometimes the Boats Are Low by Leighton Pierce (1983). As of this writing, there does not appear to be much written about this particular film by Pierce, even though there is quite a bit written about his work in general, particularly by film historian Scott MacDonald.

Happy 95th Birthday, Jonas Mekas!

Happy Birthday to Jonas Mekas! Who turns 95 today! From humble beginnings in a small Lithuanian town, to escaping the Nazis, to arriving in New York City in 1948 to become a champion of the cinema!