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2015 Boston Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

By Mike Everleth ⋅ March 12, 2015

Text logo of the Boston Underground Film Festival over the Boston skyline

The 17th annual Boston Underground Film Festival is set to explode all over the Brattle Theater in Harvard Square on March 25-29.

Opening Night: The fun kicks off on the 25th at 7:30 p.m. with the exciting new flick from the always amazing Astron-6 collective, The Editor, an homage to the brutal Giallo movies of the ’70s and ’80s directed by Adam Brooks and Matthew Kennedy. This will be followed by the restored version of the legendary cult classic Gone With the Pope by the notorious Duke Mitchell.

Closing Night: Goodnight Mommy  the debut feature film by Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz, will screen at 8:30 p.m. on the 29th and is a nightmarish vision of familial dread when twin brothers believe their cosmetically altered mother is literally not the woman she used to be.

Other features include a mix of horror, like Matt O’Mahoney’s severed hand revenge flick Bloody Knuckles and Ted Geoghegan’s housebound terror of We Are Still Here; twisted erotica like Cheyenne Picardo’s BDSM drama Remedy and Andres Torres’s S&M Bag Boy Lover Boy; oddball unclassifiables like Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein’s low-fi sci-fi Magnetic and Bennett Jones’s pop destroyer I Am a Knife With Legs.

And, as always, the fest is screening loads of wonderful short films, such as Brian Lonano‘s hilariously gory Crow Hand!!!; two new comedies by Robert G. Putka; Eat Up by Australian filmmaker Adrian Goodman; and the Spooky Movie Film Festival’s C.W. Prather has the supernatural thriller Shepherd.

March 25

7:30 p.m.: The Editor, dir. Adam Brooks, Matthew Kennedy. A horror movie editor continues to work on his craft while his fellow crew members are tragically murdered.
Screening with:
Moped Knights, dir. Mike Pecci & Tony Fernandez

9:45 p.m.: Gone With the Pope, dir. Duke Mitchell. A mobster attempts to kidnap the Pope and hold him for an ungodly ransom.

March 26

5:45 p.m.: “Hoping for Something Else”
Tumble Dry Low, dir. Jefferson Stein
Goodbye Casey Trade, dir. Amanda Brennan
What Doesn’t Kill You, dir. Rob Grant
Barker, dir. Dave Paige
Punk Bitch, dir. Nic Collins
Bastard, dir. Ryen McPherson
Waiting Games, dir. Anastasia Cazabon

7:30 p.m.: The World of Kanako, dir. Tetsuya Nakashima. An alcoholic private detective is hired by his estranged wife to find their own kidnapped daughter.
Screening with:
G14, dir. Harlan Doolittle

9:55 p.m.: Excess Flesh, dir. Patrick Kennelly. An unemployed woman with an eating disorder becomes insanely obsessed with her roommate’s successfull life and modeling career.
Screening with:
Postpartum, dir. Izzy Lee
Recipe, dir. Olivia Saperstein

March 27

5:45 p.m.: “Homegrown Horror”
Shook, dir. Ben Swicker
The Horrors of Auto-Correct, dir. Alex DiVincenzo
One, dir. Porcelain Dalya
Buck Savage, dir. Derek R. Brigham
Penta, dir. Andrea Wolanin
The October Garden, dir. Thomas Tosi
Tickle, dir. Corey Norman
The Wound, dir. David Garrett

7:45 p.m.: I Am a Knife With Legs, dir. Bennett Jones. An international pop star escapes to Los Angeles to wait for his inevitable death by a ruthless assassin.
Screening with:
Manicorn, dir. Jim McDonough & Robert McVarish

9:45 p.m.: Bloody Knuckles, dir. Matt O’Mahoney. After mocking a mob boss in a comic book, an artist has his hand chopped off in retaliation, which takes on a vengeful life of its on.
Screening with:
Speed F*cking, dir. François Vieux

11:59 p.m.: Remedy, dir. Cheyenne Picardo. A woman makes her way through her local BDSM scene and learns new things not only about her own sensuality but also about her notions of power and dominance.

March 28

11:30 a.m.: “Totally Saturday Morning Cartoons”
Classic cartoons from the mid-’80s to the early ’90s.

2:45 p.m.: “Two-Way Mirror”
In Capricious Hands, dir. Stephan Larsons
Migration, dir. Mark Lomon & Johanne Ste-Marie
It Needs to Eat, dir. Lauren Flinner
Monster, dir. Patrick Fatica
Indigo, dir. Amanda Strong
Storm Jumper, dir. Malcolm Sutherland
This Is Not a Time to Lie, dir. Lei Lei
Lucky and Finnegan, dir. Davide Di Saro
There’s an Octopus in Your Head, dir. Ari Grabb
The Master’s Voice: Caveirão, dir. Guilherme Marcondes
Wailing Whale, dir. Laura Venditti
Eye in Tuna Care, dir. John Walter Lustig
Day 40, dir. Sol Friedman

5:00 p.m.: “Sound & Vision”
“She’s Bad” DyE & Egyptian Lover, dir. DentDeCuir
“Tongues” Joywave, dir. DANIELS & Zak Stoltz
“Youth” Ben Khan, dir. BRTHR
“Invasion” Mister Modo & Ugly Mac Beer, dir. Hugo Ramirez & Olivier Patté
“There’s A Beast And We All Feed It” Jake Bugg, dir. Bob Harlow
“Oops.” BRAAINZZ, dir. Johnny Chew
“Jewels” Black Atlass, dir. Yoann Lemoine
“Coming Up For Air” Philip Selway, dir. NYSU
“Rouge” Keffer, dir. Loïc Andrieu
“Can’t Help Myself” Brodinski & SD, dir. Megaforce
“Girl Seizure” Last Ex, dir. Gabriel Mangold
“When He Comes Home” Banditas, dir. Ben Phillippo
“Coronus, The Terminator” Flying Lotus, dir. Young Replicant
“#Cake” Shabazz Palaces, dir. Hiro Murai
“Galaxy Punk” Sleepy Sun, dir. Gerson Aguerri
“Stock” Palmbomen, dir. Pablo Larcuen
“The Rule” Faces on Film, dir. Carlos López Estrada
“Want to Believe” Rich Aucoin, dir. Jason Eisener
“American Horror” Speedy Ortiz, dir. Peter Binswanger
“Tell Me” Giraffage, dir. Adam Avilla
“Mayokero” Roy Kafri, dir. Vania Heymann
“Ham” Mr. Ozio, dir. Eric Wareheim

6:45 p.m.: We Are Still Here, dir. Ted Geoghegan. A married couple mourning the recent death of their son move to a creepy old house in which the previous tenant stalks them from the basement.
Screening with:
Shepherd, dir. C.W. Prather

9:15 p.m.: Bag Boy Lover Boy, dir. Andres Torres. A New York hot dog vendor takes over his friend’s S&M photo business and turns it from soft-core to extreme.
Screening with:
Beautiful Meat, dir. Ronald Riqueros

11:59 p.m.: “Trigger Warning”
All You Can Eat, dir. Tommy Groth
Slut, dir. Chloe Okuno
Autumn Harvest, dir. Fredrik S. Hana
Eel, dir. Alexander Phillips
Ink, dir. Andy Stewart
Have an Unforgettable Holiday, dir. Parker Winans
The Stomach, dir. Ben Steiner
Buzz & Randy, dir. Derick Crucius

March 29

12:00 p.m.: Magnetic, dir. Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein. A disillusioned woman runs back to her rural hometown where she takes a job informing parents at which morgue their recently deceased child can be found.
Screening with:
Memorybox, dir. Toby Andris

2:15 p.m.: “Laugh Track”
Crow Hand!!!, dir. Brian Lonano (Watch the trailer)
There’s Something About Carrie, dir. Travis Greene
While You Were in a Coma, dir. Jean Paul Labbe
Queso Flamedo, dir. Jean Pesce
En Plein Air, dir. Jerzy Rose
Brontosaurus, dir. Robert G. Putka
Eat Up, dir. Adrian Goodman
The Peter Party, dir. Robert G. Putka
Salad Days, dir. William Welles
Money Shot!, dir. Jackie! Zhou
Career Day, dir. Brian Knight
Open 24 Hours, dir. Henry Chaisson
The Hold Up, dir. Struan Sutherland
Hellyfish, dir. Patrick Longstreth

4:30 p.m.: 20 Years of Madness, dir. Jeremy Royce. A recently graduated film student attempts to recreate the greatness of the ’90s era public access TV show he created with his high school friends who have now all grown up into bitter and burned out adults.

6:45 p.m.: Der Samurai, dir. Till Kleinert. While chasing a wolf in the forest outside of town, a young police officer is stalked by a sword-wielding killer ronin.
Screening with:
Abdullah, dir. Evrim Ersoy

8:30 p.m.: Goodnight Mommy, dir. Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz. Two young twin boys are terrorized by their mother is stuck at home recuperating from cosmetic surgery.
Screening with:
Shhhhhhh…, dir. Alison Star Locke