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2007 Chicago Underground Film Festival: Award Winners

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The 2007 Chicago Underground Film Festival, which was held on Aug. 15-19, posted up their list of winners last week on their blog and now, here they are!

Best Animated Film: Phantom Canyon, dir. Stacy Steers

Best Music Video: Vile House (Lightning Bolt), dir. Harvey Benschoter

Best Experimental Film: Black And White Trypps Number 3, dir. Ben Russell (Watch online)

Best Documentary Short: Invisible City, dir. Jack Cronin

Best Documentary Feature: Milk in the Land, dirs. Ariana Gerstein, Monteith McCollum

Best Short Film: I’m Keith Hernandez, dir. Rob Perri (Watch online)

Best Narrative Feature: Blood Car, dir. Alex Orr

Made In Chicago Award: Alla Te Alcanzo (I’ll See You There), dir. Luis Sanchez Ramirez

Congrats to everybody!